Sunday, August 29, 2010

Toys and Gadgets

My kids used to play dolls, dollhouse and other toys when they were still kids and that was only two years ago. Look how time changed their preferences.

When younger daughter played with her dolls, she gave bath, undressed them or brushed barbies' hair.

while my eldest would just keep them neatly arranged and just contented herself by just looking at them displayed in a box.

Since they're not playing them anymore and occupied their time by using other gadgets, I kept some of their toys in a box ready to donate for Christmas.

Now, they are both busy with computer, laptop or celfone. I am not alone blogging at home. When done with her assignment, you would see her in laptop blogging too.

and busy too..

Her first celfone that we bought last year.

and her first celfone too..

Even gadgets/technology occupy most of the our time, we make it a point to have quality time to spend with, asking them at the end of the day their little accomplishment or what they've been through the day.

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Yami said...

Graduate na ang mga toys ng mga bagets mo sis. Hayan at planted din sila sa harap ng computer gaya ng sakin.

Ako minsan magtatanong sa mga anak ko, salita ako ng salita yun pala may earphone. :D

dong ho said...

tama ako kung minsan nagugulahan na kung saan magplurk sa cellphone ba or sa laptop.

pero teka censored tong post na to nakahubad lahat ng barbie. lol

kimmy said...

wow! awesome dollhouse!

Tetcha said...

That's a lovely dollhouse and Barbie collection! I never had those toys when I was young; sabagay, wala pa atang Barbie nung panahon natin. LOL! Kids nowadays are so techie, napag-iiwanan na tayo! LOL!

Dhemz said...

oh my dear...time flies so fast indeed...look at them techie....hehehehe!

Mommy Liz said...

ang dami namang toys, parang tindahan na, hehehe. di ako nakasali, di ko napicturan mga toys nilang nagkalat, hehehe..