Monday, August 30, 2010

Rustic Furniture

Even if we have no intention of buying furniture, at times when we're at mall, we always drop by at furniture section to see if any of the items are for sale. Since we always prefer rustic furniture, we always wait for clearance sale or inventory sale to make it easier in our budget. If only they offer special arrangement like "buy now, pay later plan," I definitely will purchase one. Good thing, I found one online wherein the prices are very affordable.

I want to have a shelves made of wood or a rustic bench in the patio. It is very rare to see wooden furniture today, thus, I consider it as modern vintage already. Besides, it gives a cooling effect to my eyes. I always dreamed of having a rustic bed along with rustic bedroom nightstand. This is my view of a cool and classic room. Would you not be proud to have these kind of furniture? I hope I could buy all of these for my children someday.


dong ho said...

the rustic ones really make a place beuatiful and im really impressed when my mother does the interior arrangement.

Yami said...

Hi sis. Di ko napangatawanan ang task number 4 ko nung Saturday, sira talaga ako when it comes to time management. Pareho pala tayo maaga nagigising. Oo tama na matuto ang mga bata to be independent para din sa kanila yun when they are a little older. Pero minsan di rin matiis ang request for help ng mga bata. andiyan pa rin tayong mga nanay for them. :)

Have a great week ahead. :)