Monday, August 30, 2010

My Toaster Oven

It isn't easy to wake up in the morning as early as 4am. But for most mom like me, waking up early has never been a hard task to do. It is not just duty but dedication to prepare kids to school not only in their physical look but in mind too. As a mom, I always make sure they are groomed well and in full stomach before going to school to keep them going for the day. But of course, we should not forget to teach the kids to do it on there own way and guide them to become independent too. That's what moms are there for, even in keeping the house. We only choose the best appliance as partner in keeping up our home just like my retro toaster oven that has been my partner every morning in preparing breakfast. I didn't remember a day that I served them burnt out food. Serving nutritious and delicious food will also help them become smart and ready for the day.

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