Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Diet Area

I feel like I l just lost about six pounds on my weight this week. A friend just told me that I look like a woman who underwent cosmetic surgery or have attended any physical fitness program. Being sick for almost three days resulted my body to look slimmer with the pounds that I lose. I got no appetite but I tried so hard to eat fruits and vegetables and less carb like rice and bread. This is not what I wanted to achieve my desired weight. I've been longing to have a contour abs but not the way it is happening now. I am now recovering and when I get well, I will start my real diet right away. I want to keep fit in a healthier way.

I already had a week plan for my goal and that includes ample amount of fiber fruits, brisk walking in the morning and indoor exercise. At my age, I should clearly watch every food that I intake and involve myself into physical activities. My real goal does not focus alone into a slimmer body but I need to avoid fatty foods to become fit and healthy.

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niko said...

kaya pala you were MIA.. you were sick..

take a rest dear! get well soon!!

dong ho said...

good for you. the only diet that i follow right now is just no rice by night.