Friday, August 13, 2010

me and my hair

I care so much for my hair. I don't really have a long shiny and straight hair but I always visit salon just to make the roots of my hair a little healthier so as not to appear so dry and frizzy. I only go to salon that I am comfortable with and also only with salon attendees that gives me a soothing and relaxing treatment. I love my hairstylist and we really get along with. He's good and he is a gay guy. He's very trustful and gives me a good massage to my scalp in every treatment that I had. My hair has thinned and I see falling hair everyday and that scares me a lot. I have a scheduled hair mud by next week but I am just so sad that my hairstylist will be moving to a new salon by next week. I was quite intrigued about his sudden resignation but one attendees told me that the shop owner just recommend him to attend to a hair academy. I wonder why because he is incredibly good that I even gave him a few extra bucks as tip for his skill of giving me a very good hair massage or style whenever I want. Anyways, where ever he is bound to, he will surely establish new clients again with the skills that he possess right now.

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Redlan said...

How's the new hairdo?