Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jewelry Glass Showcases

When I went to the nearest mall few days ago, I stopped by in one jewelry store and noticed a shimmering and classy jewelry in the shop. Though I don't have enough money to buy any of the items, I fitted one ring with my precious stone, blue sapphire. I saw it online exactly the one as displayed in the store. Another one was anklet, but I was not sure of the stone though it was so beautiful. Just looking inside the glass showcases, the jewelry just appeared to be very precious that everyone else would surely wish to have one. The owner is very wise in making overall appearance of the store. The shop owner and jewelry attendees look very elegant too. I think in putting up a a business, total package counts a lot to add more value into your most precious gem. For jewelry store, a high-end glass showcase is a must.


Redlan said...

glass jewelry is in this year. i love it!

dong ho said...

oh wow! im sure my mom will love this.

wenn said...

i love to look at jewelery.