Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Michael Jackson Birthday Celebrated by Google

And this was supposed to be posted last August 29, MJ's birthday.

Google has put out a special logo today to commemorate the late Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday.

Michael Jackson

It’s a bit intriguing that Google has chosen to commemorate Michael on a day also marked across the nation as a tribute to the late Senator Ted Kennedy, I’m sure deciding one over the other may have been a difficult chore for Googlers, as the United States has lost a true democratic leader and the last of his generation.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

My Toaster Oven

It isn't easy to wake up in the morning as early as 4am. But for most mom like me, waking up early has never been a hard task to do. It is not just duty but dedication to prepare kids to school not only in their physical look but in mind too. As a mom, I always make sure they are groomed well and in full stomach before going to school to keep them going for the day. But of course, we should not forget to teach the kids to do it on there own way and guide them to become independent too. That's what moms are there for, even in keeping the house. We only choose the best appliance as partner in keeping up our home just like my retro toaster oven that has been my partner every morning in preparing breakfast. I didn't remember a day that I served them burnt out food. Serving nutritious and delicious food will also help them become smart and ready for the day.

Rustic Furniture

Even if we have no intention of buying furniture, at times when we're at mall, we always drop by at furniture section to see if any of the items are for sale. Since we always prefer rustic furniture, we always wait for clearance sale or inventory sale to make it easier in our budget. If only they offer special arrangement like "buy now, pay later plan," I definitely will purchase one. Good thing, I found one online wherein the prices are very affordable.

I want to have a shelves made of wood or a rustic bench in the patio. It is very rare to see wooden furniture today, thus, I consider it as modern vintage already. Besides, it gives a cooling effect to my eyes. I always dreamed of having a rustic bed along with rustic bedroom nightstand. This is my view of a cool and classic room. Would you not be proud to have these kind of furniture? I hope I could buy all of these for my children someday.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Toys and Gadgets

My kids used to play dolls, dollhouse and other toys when they were still kids and that was only two years ago. Look how time changed their preferences.

When younger daughter played with her dolls, she gave bath, undressed them or brushed barbies' hair.

while my eldest would just keep them neatly arranged and just contented herself by just looking at them displayed in a box.

Since they're not playing them anymore and occupied their time by using other gadgets, I kept some of their toys in a box ready to donate for Christmas.

Now, they are both busy with computer, laptop or celfone. I am not alone blogging at home. When done with her assignment, you would see her in laptop blogging too.

and busy too..

Her first celfone that we bought last year.

and her first celfone too..

Even gadgets/technology occupy most of the our time, we make it a point to have quality time to spend with, asking them at the end of the day their little accomplishment or what they've been through the day.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Car Maintenance

Your car needs to be in proper condition in order for you to have a smoother ride. But how would you know if your car needs maintenance? There are signs that you need to take an immediate action when you feel that there is something wrong with your car that calls for maintenance. Both automatic and manual car needs transmission to have your car perform at its best. You will know that your car needs new transmission if you have a bumpy ride, burned rubber smell, leaking car, bad clutch and engine lights. I have a friend who is in car business and knows everything about car including maintenance. She relied on Dallas auto repair whenever her car acted up even when it comes to brake job.

It gives you confident if you have a smooth driving especially if you drive a Chevrolet Silverado just like Americans, who believe that owning this truck is a necessity. It gives them a feeling of security and confident while driving this truck. I hardly heard owner of this truck who had a bad experience on the road even on the worst weather condition. They even say it is solid a rock. I personally would like to own this truck. I can just imagine the comfort it will give me for an out of town trip on weekend with family. We can bring tons of picnic equipment or even a bike or heavy loads at the truck. I wouldn't care much about the fuel it would cost us, just as long as it provides a smoother and safer ride.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eberhard Replica Watch

George Emile was fascinated with watches and toyed with the idea of creating something different and unique in this field. It was the fateful year of 1887 when he founded a watch shop and branded it Eberhard. This firm aimed at producing watches which were precise, and reliable and also raced along with time to capture the best innovations of science to add more meaningful features to them. Its watches are appreciated by many people and soon it began to eat into the market share of major watch players during those days. It housed many innovations and always endeavoured to churn newness in its product.
The brand Eberhard has garnered accolades from various reputed bodies for its exemplary display of time technology in the heart winning collections of Tazio Nuvolari, Aliante, Scafo, Montres De Poche, Montres Dames, 8 Jours and Gilda amongst several other compilations. These watches breathed the mantra which was made up of scientific techniques and highly creative styles which made them distinct and distinguished both. This creates a signature look for all these chronographs without making them appear alike. The pioneers from various zones of life have embraced time as defined by this label with pride and passion and marked their reputations with unending charm.
Take a dip in the fountain of panache and elegance oozing out of Eberhard replica watch. This is a duplicate watch which has been manufactured to look like the world renowned watch brand drawing parallels in designs, patterns and technology. These fake chronographs present time in the most exclusive manner which is not expensive and are sold in the stores at low price ranges. Eberhard replica watches need minimum maintenance of protection from water and then you can witness the power with which they pull you into the vortex of elegance and seduction to make the world in awe of you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

2nd Give Away Contest hosted by Dhemz

Hurray! This is your big chance to win the 2nd give away contest hosted by Dhemz. Thank you so much Dhemz for giving us again another chance to win the prizes. Contest will run from July 27 to August 27. So hurry up now. Prizes are waiting for lucky winners.

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me and my hair

I care so much for my hair. I don't really have a long shiny and straight hair but I always visit salon just to make the roots of my hair a little healthier so as not to appear so dry and frizzy. I only go to salon that I am comfortable with and also only with salon attendees that gives me a soothing and relaxing treatment. I love my hairstylist and we really get along with. He's good and he is a gay guy. He's very trustful and gives me a good massage to my scalp in every treatment that I had. My hair has thinned and I see falling hair everyday and that scares me a lot. I have a scheduled hair mud by next week but I am just so sad that my hairstylist will be moving to a new salon by next week. I was quite intrigued about his sudden resignation but one attendees told me that the shop owner just recommend him to attend to a hair academy. I wonder why because he is incredibly good that I even gave him a few extra bucks as tip for his skill of giving me a very good hair massage or style whenever I want. Anyways, where ever he is bound to, he will surely establish new clients again with the skills that he possess right now.

Girls Talk

I have featured this movie in my previous entry already and because I so love the story and the main casts here, I pick this entry again for GT this week with theme, a movie to watch with husband or boyfriend.

The story is about two young lovers named Allie Hamilton (played by Rachel McAdams) and Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling). The two meet one evening at carnival but when parents learned about it, they separated Noah and Allie. During separation, Allie meets one handsome young soldier named Lon and became engaged... Go watch the full movie with your husband/boyfriend and fall in love again the second time around. After watching the movie, I secretly stalk and fall in love again with the ultimate hunk for me, Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling dated RAchel McAdams after filming this movie but later broke up February 2007. They reunited again sometime in 2008 but called it quits after four months again of relationship. I just fall in love with these two great actors. Have you watched the MTV Best Kiss Award in 2005? It was such a sweet moment that the two have shared while accepting the award.

Girls Talk

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my game online

Sometimes when you want to try internet games, you have a hard time analyzing the website, same goes with casino games that you have to ask hand-on review to get to know well of the site. Since playing casino in the internet is just as comparable to casino land-based, many people find it much easier and comfortable to play Casino online since the game can be played anytime you want without driving down to the casino house. More so, casino online is easier even for beginners since there are guide and support to get you through the game. When playing casino, players need to check first the security as whether he landed in a safe website and it is also important to play with back-ups and safe software. Best casino online will enable you to play comfortably and safely without any worries to think about. Since casino online is very accessible where one can play anytime he/she wants, then I'll try the slot game my own. Oh yeah! I am good playing that one.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jewelry Glass Showcases

When I went to the nearest mall few days ago, I stopped by in one jewelry store and noticed a shimmering and classy jewelry in the shop. Though I don't have enough money to buy any of the items, I fitted one ring with my precious stone, blue sapphire. I saw it online exactly the one as displayed in the store. Another one was anklet, but I was not sure of the stone though it was so beautiful. Just looking inside the glass showcases, the jewelry just appeared to be very precious that everyone else would surely wish to have one. The owner is very wise in making overall appearance of the store. The shop owner and jewelry attendees look very elegant too. I think in putting up a a business, total package counts a lot to add more value into your most precious gem. For jewelry store, a high-end glass showcase is a must.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mommy Moments: Lights, Camera, Pose!

Here are the pics of my two lovely ladies...

and those were old photos. i hope i can take good photos of them together today. they are not comfortable of posing anymore and hide away whenever they see me with camera. i guess, they're not babies anymore that smile and giggle with camera spontaneously but lovely ladies that needs to be in proper dress or in beautiful smile before posing for camera. lol

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