Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend on the Patio

As I was busy with my household chores this morning, daughter was online having conversation with her grandma/pa and aunt in LA. Since the weather is getting hotter in their place, they went outside the house and chose to stay in patio. I sneaked into my daughter's laptop and found out that they're having good times outside. I noticed that they have a very good patio but they lack of Patio Covers to control pounding heat and direct damage brought by the heat of the sun. They also need Patio Table Covers so to enjoy more of their outdoor experience.

It is summer in LA and surely their stay outside will be more frequent. Best if they provide Patio Chair Covers so they can be more relaxed and stay even late at night to enjoy fresh air and moonlight. I did not ask the temperature outside, but I know even without asking, that summer still brings great experience for them. I still love the warm tropical weather in our place. Although we experience rainy and sunshiny day, we do not have extreme weather condition like freezing cold winter and melting hot summer here.

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