Thursday, July 1, 2010

the versatile blogger

Oh my, another award for me. It just keeps my day up receiving an award like this. I just can't believe it that I am being tagged as "The Versatile Blogger." Thanks so much Wenn for the award. I really appreciate it.

Here are the rules:
1. List 7 random things about yourself
2. Share the award with up to 15 other bloggers
3. Link to each of the recipients and let them know they've won via comments on their blogs
4. Thank and bring the love back to the person you won the award from by linking back to them.

Bloggers, you may grab the award. I think you're all amazing not just versatile blogger.

Here's seven random facts about myself.

  • Because I abused my crowning glory before, I am now spending much with my hair, visiting salon for hair mud and hair protein regularly. It isn't as shiny and black as you might think. I just have to maintain to revive my hair the way it used to be.
  • Going to Batanes is my ultimate dream. Biking or just sitting on top of the hill in Batanes is my exact meaning of absolute peace.
  • My everyday mornings starts with a cup of coffee, watch early morning show, coffee, prepare children for school, clean the house, refresh myself, online..
  • I love sleeping in a hammock under the tree.
  • I once aspire to be a FA but ended as cabin stewardess in Greece. Not far though. Lol. I was an expert in table setting and mixing wine. Today, I hardly remember anything not even recalling different kinds of wine.
  • I stand only a little above 5" no more no less and was too ambitious to be FA. lol
  • I worked in marketing related companies for almost ten years until I resigned and became a SA WAHM. (Stay and Work at Home Mom)


wenn said...

wow, u were a stewardess!

Eds said...

congrats for the new award!just like you my starts with a cup of coffee