Thursday, July 1, 2010


I thought I couldn't make it today. And why shouldn't I miss this? Exciting theme "physically", nice badge to grab, pilot episode, new home and house warming. Besides, it's the time in my blogging career (as in career) to brag about myself. Lol.

Let's begin with my body. Oh no! do I really have to blog this? Anyways, my stomach is bulging out but I'm working for it right now. I got two kids already and so you really should expect that. (sounds bitter) I stand just a little mm above 5 feet. Sporting a long hair. Butt? I think I got a nice butt. All bloggers are. haha. Nose, small and cute. Eyes? black and I think one of my asset too. Small, round and angelic face. You may ask the bloggers in our last week's meet-up. lol. I think they will all agree here. I hope I didn't exagg myself here. That's how I see myself, aging beautifully. lol.

Girls Talk

Beautiful Kaye is the new host of this weekly meme! Congrats Kaye for the pilot episode! It's a big hit in blogniverse!!


rossel said...

so agree with you, Nuts. you're beautiful and you don't look like your age.

nga pala bakit sa Makati na ang Johnsons event sa July 10? baka di na me maka-attend. alam mo naman sa bundok pa ako ng tralala manggagaling. lol!

nuts said...

@rossel, pm ko nga si peh.. akala ko nga sa robinsons. sayang naman, sana maka-join ka pa din.

Reena said...

hiya ako to blog about this so comment nlng ako. uy pareho tayo. ive always been complimented by my butt. haha. though i hate it kasi malaki kasi eh. lol. though i am lucky enough to be well endowed on the upper part of my body, aka chest area. haha. pero i sometimes hate it too kasi mahirap bumili ng blouse that fits well. pati yung bra, it's hard to look for one. hahaha. ranting na to. hahaha

miss you! mwah!

By MelCole of PA said...

Hi nuts, galing, may big butt ka, hehehe, ako, sapyot kaayo, i wish i could borrow yours. :)

K said...

okay i'll remember not to stare when we meet. tee hee. sorry ngayon lang nakabisita. inatake ng katams e. hihi.

see ya this thursday! ;)

Mommy Liz said...

you were not bragging about yourself, you are just telling us what you see when you look in the mirror. oh di ba?? bakit pala ako blogger pero maliit pa rin ang pwet? hahaha!! ah kasi bago pa lang akong blogger, in few more years lalapad na rin kaka upo.