Friday, July 23, 2010

Mommy Moments:A Day in the Park

Let our kids play at the park. Let them enjoy the sunshine, and feel the world outside.

Can you hear the laughters?

Let your children go and play at the park but never let your children play outside alone.

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Clarissa said...

dapat lang di bah--mahirap ang panahon ngayon!(at kaya naman palagi akong wala sa ere kasi mga anak ko palaging nasa labas lol!)I soo love the photos--parang abot hanggang Japan ang laughters nila^_^

Have a nice weekend to you and your family!

dong ho said...

i can listen to their laughter in the third photo. kakatuwa sila.

chubskulit said...

Ang gaganda ng mga dalagita mo sis hehehe...As usual napakajolly ni bunso hehehe.

Nga pala sis, bloggerwave send some payment today, did you get yours?

Cecile said...

very nice photos of your girls, Nuts...ang laki na nila at gaganda pa :-); love the smiles on their faces.

Tetcha said...

You're right, Mommy! Never let your children play alone in the park. We should always be vigilant about the people around them for their own safety and for our own peace of mind. I hope you can visit my entry, too!

simply kim said...

i love the third photo. It's fun to look at.. thanks for sharing!

Dhemz said...

so pretty nang mga dalaga mo te....nako in a few years magkaka nobyo na ang mga yan...hehehehe...joke!