Thursday, July 8, 2010

i am just a good cook, not an econo wife

My thought overflows with dreams that someday I'll become rich with no worries to pay for the bills, rentals and tuition fees. Husband works in a pharmaceutical company but as the income becomes higher, more spending need comes along too. We only have enough for our monthly expenses or sometimes we even experience short budget at the end of the month and that makes me tightening the belt a little bit tighter so that both ends meet before our next allowance. So, this entry is a protest to husband too. I know he checks my update from time to time. I am trying very hard to be thrifty to save a little amount from our monthly budget but I am sorry, I am just a good cook and not an econo wife. And please don't ask how much is my blogging income. What's mine is mine. Lol. Half kidding. Oh BTW, thanks even though I haven't received our allowance yet, it is one day delayed already.

For my blogging income, I don't ask husband anymore for other unexpected and expected expenses. I can go to salon without asking him extra budget for monthly self maintenance. I can even buy stuffs like shoes or bags for me and my kids at my own blogging earnings. I don't even ask anymore for our weekend getaways, malling or other unexpected school expenses. To husband, are you not proud of your wife? It's a big savings in your end.

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Vernz said...

ano yan sis parinig.. hahahah! love that what is mine is mine ... heheheh ... pera nga naman kung sobra masama kung kulang masama rin... ay nako... NOYNOY... mamigay kanamn diyan ... mine is up too sis at Woman’s elan vital

nuts said...

Beth has left a new comment on your post "just enough":

mahirap magbudget! esp pag konti lang un bubudgetin ha?! :) pero good to know that you earn naman from blogging. pwede na un! :)

***just copied comment from my email. original comment was published in my other post. i've accidentaly published double entry.

Rossel said...

hahaha! natawa ako sa post mo ha? at ang sosyal ng protesta mo kay habibi mo, through blogging.

seriously sis, ang hirap talaga magbudget ngayon kase pahirap ng pahirap ang buhay. haaay! mabuti na lang isa lang ang pinag-aaral namin.

Paula said...

Waa, sis opposite naman tayo! Mas mabuti na sigurong good cook kaysa eco wife! hehe

chubskulit said...

Hahaha at nagrereklamo na, hala ka daddy, late na ang allowance ni Mommy.

Lam mo sis nung andyan pa ako, laging may sobra padala ni hubs and tinago ko lahat yun sa bank, when I came here I converted it into dollars and nabigla sya, san ko daw kinuha yung pera, sabi ko sa isa ko pang papa, nabatukan ako lol..

Sensya ka na ha, madalang visits ko this month, supoer busy huhuhu.. I taught Rylie the tagalog alphabet today and she wasn't thrilled lol. She said it sounds weird..

Tetcha said...

With the high cost of living nowadays, it's really hard to live within our budget. I'm a bit guilty, too, because hubby spends more for our expenses, even though I also have a full-time job. That's because a huge chunk of my salary goes to my parents' medications. I'm just glad he understands. My blogging income is also entirely mine! LOL!

K said...

swerte talaga si hubby. at least hindi na nya kelangan problemahin pati yung mga gastos mo pra sa sarili mo saka sa mga wants ng mga bata :)

see ya next week mommy nuts! ;)

dong ho said...

. I can go to salon without asking him extra budget for monthly self maintenance>>> wow! kahanga hanga. dami na rin talaga ang nakakabenipisyo diyan.

By MelCole of PA said...

Ganda! Good job mommy, blogging is a heaven sent nga nu? Congrats for earning well :)