Friday, July 23, 2010

Gardening as a Hobby

Gardening is such a fulfilling hobby. Aside from the benefits of making our house look beautiful, it also brings money to some who puts gardening as hobby and eventually turn this hobby into business. Personally, I want to have my own garden and grow some orchids but to have it in an urban place like ours is impossible. I envy my sister who lives in a place where she can grow different flowery plants or fruit bearing plants like lemon or tomato. When I visited her last summer, I really appreciate the simplicity of life that she had. I love the idea of picking fresh flowers or fruits from my own garden too.

One thing that I noticed with my sister is that, she had no gardening clothing to protect herself from any harm. I think it is a must to have work boots too. I couldn't stand seeing her stepping on some unidentified objects. I am so scared of worms that are crawling in the ground but I so love gardening. If I have a garden of my own, I will definitely buy work gloves first. I hate it when I touch worms hiding in the leaves, thorns of some flowers and natural fertilizer that leaves a stinky smell in hands.

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