Thursday, July 15, 2010

Business Card

During first Parents Association meeting in secondary level, I got to meet other parents in the class. I still recognized other moms who were also my co-parents last school year. Other parents who were busy had their own representative or secretary to attend the meeting. First part of the meeting was introducing ourselves. Second part was appointment of officer. One criteria to be qualified as president of association must be a stay at home mom. And why? To be able to attend series of meetings and available 24/7. All SAHM were asked to stand up. One mom volunteered to be the president. Since we only knew each other for a couple of minutes, we never had a formal election then. We all agreed to close the appointment for this mom who volunteered herself as the president of association. When the meeting was done, I went home and list down names of parents with whom I can talk to for any future school events. I remembered only few of them, old faces and those who gave me their business cards.

I realized the importance of having a business card even if you are small time businesswoman or you're into marketing, or can I just include this? Blogger. Business card is a formal way to introduce yourself. Now I thought of recommending a business card printing for this mom who is now our president. If I remember it clearly, she got no business card or maybe she had but forgot to give me one.

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