Thursday, July 22, 2010

audi for sports car

I stopped by in a mall and dropped my entries last week for a grand promo event. Grand prize to be won is a sports car. I am hoping to win the grand prize even if the chance of winning is very slim. A consolation prize will be okey for me too. Gift check worth two thousand bucks awaits 10 winners to win the consolation prize. Anyways, when I look down into the showroom, I drooled over with the Sports Car. How I wish to win the grand prize. I already have idea in my mind on what to do if ever I'll be one lucky participant to have it. I will definitely look right away for Audi Dealership. Audi will add more sophisticated look to a sports car.

Right now, I kept on dropping my entries hoping that more entries will give me more chance to win the grand prize. My blogging income, even if I save every cents of it, will not be enough to buy a car. That's the truth, no exaggeration. Maybe I can only buy a high end gadget and I'll blog it when I buy that from my online earnings.

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