Sunday, June 13, 2010

PGT First Grand Winner: Jovit Baldivino

I have no doubt he would win the first time I saw him in his PGT's first performance. I knew it from the start that this young man will make it to grand finals. All PGT contestants are equally talented but Jovit got this so called charisma. People were charmed by his humble personality. He rocked the world, I mean the Araneta in his last night's performance. By the way, Jovit used to sell siomai in his hometown to help his family and sometimes he sings when invited in small occasions like fiesta or party. Today he was proclaimed as first PGT winner and received 2M grand prize plus the fame that has opened up more opportunities for him. Congratulations Jovit!


Beth said...

I watched PGT earlier! Ang galing ni Jovit. He deserved to win. He is so simple. And he is talented. Jovit Got Talent! :)

Redlan said...

Gaya ng tanong ni kris, Mare ano gusto mong siomai, name na.... chowking o ano? ano na? saya saya!