Friday, June 4, 2010

Mommy Moment: Unforgettable Summer

mommy moments

Right now, I can hear thunder and lightning strikes once in awhile. It rained hard the past few days, a signal that rainy season is coming. Goodbye to summer. Summer has been a favorite season for all of us. For my kids, it's a great bonding time with their cousins. A lot fun for us, unforgettable one.

I say no more, happy face says it all..

I enrolled my younger daughter to swimming lesson and even if her skin color turned darker, summer has been very unforgettable for her.

mommy moments

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seth said...

I am planning to enroll my son too in a swimming lesson...maybe next year..:-)

chubskulit said...

Wahhhh late na ako sa MM, I got a migraine kasi yesterdAY, WASn't able to do postings.. Oh well, next week na lang.

Lovely pics here sis, it's obvious na enjoy na enjoy mga bata.. Daya mo talaga ala ka lagi sa pics heheheh..

Yung parang shrimp sa photo, it's a crayfish. Kakatuwa na yung mga ganung bagay that di ko pinapansin noong kabataan ko is a heaven for my kids lol..

Dhemz said...

enjoy na enjoy talaga ang mga chikiting....ala pang summer dito eh....looking forward to take akesha to a swimming class....:)

thanks sa dalaw te....:)

Cecile said...

aw, enjoy talaga kayo this summer noh...kita sa faces nyo eh...ako din i enroll ko si Jake sa swimming lesson this summer.

the donG said...

swimming has been a favorite activity for me lately everytime i go to the beach. not the usual me. i usually just snorkel and pick shells not really doing long swim.

great idea to bring them to the beach.

Bambie dear ★ said...

wow sexy... sana makapag beach din kami this summer (august ang summer sa min)..

have nice weekend Momsie =)

Kayce said...

cool! youre really enjoying your summer sis!

Chris said...

swimming during summer is the kids favorite! :) thanks for joining!

Redlan said...

medyo sad nga tapos na ang summer, kakalunngkot rin taglamig na, single pa naman ako. tsk tsk.

kimmy said...

i love your pics.. very cool!