Friday, June 4, 2010

joyful ride

When you think about the reward, what do you have in your mind? Have you ever think of getting a body kit for your car as a reward? This idea just came into my mind when a friend I have known for long time called me up today. We talked for an hour and all we discussed were all about body kit and everything about car. I've been blogging about her in my previous post. She's definitely in love with her car. And now, she's bragging again about the body kit she has just installed. Now I can say that one's personality reflect on one's choice of particular thing and a car is no exception to this. She might be the kind of person who loves the irony of the world and it shows clearly by the type of luxurious body parts of car that she had. If every photo has its own story to tell, then your car too. Listen to your inner self and give yourself a chance to do what you wanted to do in your life. Express yourself! Shop for your car and give yourself a joyful ride.

Just like what your body needs, your car needs to be pampered too. You can customize your car with top quality accessories. Don't be too shy to express yourself. I will suggest to my dear friend to be conscious in getting car accessories for she might become very famous later. It is just enough to be known as one respectable woman and I only wish her more success in her career. Right now I'm just happy seeing her that way, successful and happy in her life.

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