Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fiberglass Planters for my House

I went to my friend's house few weeks ago as I was invited for their house warming. The house is quite big and the architectural design totally impressed me but what really caught my attention was her little garden. I've noticed a beautiful landscaping and I was totally amazed with her sense of design. She hired a Landscape Architecture just to achieve that look and she saved tons of cash for it. There are fiberglass planters in her porch that adds an overall beautiful scene of the house. She is actually addicted into something that will improve the look of her new house. I asked her where she bought the fiberglass planter because of its good quality but is inexpensive. She referred me to the website and added that she had it at a very good price.

I was actually thinking of my sister when I saw the fiber glass planters. She loves decorating her house and gardening too. Gardening is actually her hobby during weekend. I love planting but I have no space and it is just so impossible for me since I live in the city right now. I can only dream of having my own garden and a fiber glass planter in my porch too. Or maybe I'll try to put one in our terrace. I know it will create a beautiful look not only for the terrace but the whole look of the house.

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