Thursday, June 17, 2010

Algebra Online Tutorial

School days have just started. At this point of time, I know my daughter will have a hard time dealing with Algebra again. I have confidence with her ability but my only concern here is to get her to become interested and help understand the subject more. I might consider getting online tutorial for Algebra 1 help key for this subject. Whenever she asked help from me with Algebra 1 problems, I usually replied that my brain shut down and I can only get a tutorial for her to get Algebra 1 answers in easier way.

I must admit, I've struggled with this subject during my time and if I do tutoring job for her now, I will need to refresh first and study this from the start to help her understand Algebra 1. I bet it will take a whole lot of time for both of us. Besides, I find it very difficult, really difficult tutoring with her homework. I leave this job to the expert like TutorVista. I want her to love Algebra so she can understand the subject more. She's intelligent, I know she is. She got above average in other subject so it is not impossible that she excels in Algebra too.

Right now, she's thinking of what course to take in college. She worried too much when she thinks about Algebra 2. Well I think that is complicated that she needs Algebra 2 help manual for this. Getting online tutorial for her with TutorVista is a great option. With this, she can even extend her online tutorial as long as she wants it and stay more hours to help Algebra 2 answers since tutorial is available 24/7. It wouldn't be hard for her anymore to solve Algebra 2 problems. Oh well, TutorVista offers only $99.99/month and that's for unlimited tutorial service. There is also free demo so it wouldn't be hard to understand especially for first time user. How I wish I have learned this TutorVista during my time. I could have been awarded as Best in Algebra in our class. Oh, I'm not kidding here. I only wish my daughter a brighter future and so I'm doing and giving all the best for her.

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Redlan said...

I am really poor in Algebra during high school. There were no tutorial online that time. Students are so lucky today.