Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank You! I made it to 100!!

I just posted yesterday begging one more follower to complete my list of 100 followers and now it's granted. To my 100 followers, thanks so much! I wont mention my 100th follower hereto be fair for the rest 99s, but I owe this post to you. :D To you and my 100 followers, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I hope and wish I could make a separate post to thank each of you personally.

Monday, June 28, 2010

She Bloggers Meet-Up at Dads Megamall

It was such a fun meeting mommies behind those blogs. I think it was the second She Bloggers meet up. I missed last year's event and so happy to have finally met them last Saturday at Dads Megamall. It was actually Mom's meet-up but we chose the venue at Dads. lol. I gained few pounds after the meet-up. I shall I make a separate post about it. Haha. I had a real great time meeting Jade, Chris, Josie, Rossel, Earth, Fedhz, Paula, Tetcha and Pehpot. Pehpot is the first mom blogger I 've met during Johnson and Johnson's mom event. I hope to see more bloggers in the future.
Thanks Mommy Josie and Peh for the photos above.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yes, it's You!! I need you..

to complete my list of 100 followers! Yay. Thanks to my 99 followers. I only wish for at least 10 followers but now that I have 99 followers, it only means that I have ten times more with what I have expected since I started blogging. To you all, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
This doesn't mean that I'll stop dreaming from here since I reach close to 100. I will never stop dreaming. Never! :D Now I wish for 500. So please follow me and I'll follow you back.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Hate Fleas

My kids are really grown up that I don't need to remind them to clean the house everyday. From the ceiling down to the floor, everything is in order, clean and organized. They are responsible kids and I'm proud to say that they are also very organized in every way even with their school stuff. It feels good and so light with a clean and fresh smelling house.

The house totally looks good to the eyes and you can breathe well when the surrounding is clean. Cleaning is also my way of de-stressing and even when I'm depressed, I clean everything to the point that even the tiniest dust would find no room in the house. I hate it when I see any insects like cockroach or fleas crawling in the floor. If you want to see me and my kids screaming, then send us those unwanted guests in the house and we''ll scream for life. We have a pet dog and I always make sure that he is free from any fleas. But if I need to buy one to get rid of these insects, I would prefer to buy a homemade flea traps. It would be easier and safer to use inside the house since my older daughter has an allergy with any strong smell or any chemical to get rid of the fleas. She is very sensitive but with this flea traps, I am quite sure, it won't harm her health and irritate her skin as well.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What To Wear

When you are shopping for kids clothes, you are looking for a lot of different things, and some of them can seem downright contradictory. First, you want to find clothes that are durable. They need to be able to withstand wear and tear. Your kids will be out on the playground climbing slides, hanging on the monkey bars, running, falling, getting grass stains on their clothes, and generally having a great time. The stuff they wear should be able to put up with this kind of abuse day after day. You don't want to have to patch knees or elbows in your children's clothing. You just want it to last.

At the same time, you want the clothes to have style. You don't want your kids to look like everyone else's, and you want what they're wearing to reflect their individuality and personality. You want the little details that make clothes fun. The rosebuds on the sleeves, the embroidery on the seams, the secret pockets, and the emblems all add a certain flair. You want the colorful clothes to stay colorful and not fade. However, you don't want white clothing because it's almost impossible to keep whites white.. If you've been a parent longer than two weeks, you will probably avoid buying anything white for your children. Of course, your kids could wear rags, and, in your eyes, they'd still be adorable. But, you have to dress them well for the benefit of others. Everyone knows that there are people in this world who will judge your kids by the way they look. As a loving parent, you want your kids to be treated well, even by those people who think clothes are somehow a reflection of worth. So, you spend time shopping for just the right look--something that will last and something that is lovely, too.

what's inside my bag

I featured my wallet last week and now for this week's theme is about what's inside my bag. Sorry folks, I used only a recycled photo here but let me just tell you whats inside my bag. I posted this in our "favorite perfume theme" last year. So anyways, here's what's inside my bag:
blog organizer, perfume, tissue, ballpen, wallet, umbrella, coin purse, celfone, camera, hankies, vanity kit and

a book.. Discipline without Shouting or Spanking. It used to be inside my bag before. I'm done reading this, I just include this to complete the list of what Niko and I have in common.
Since, this is the last theme that Niko will host GT meme (but still be visiting entries of you) hihi. Let me just share about the entries that we have in common. I just reviewed my previous entries and here's what I found out, the Cool Water as favorite perfume, Piattos, Guess wallet, an affair with SMBeer on saddest part of life, Cookies and Cream ice cream, Pantene shampoo, Nivea deo, and now the book, and many more but I have to stop here as I've mentioned too many brand already. This is not a paid post. Lol.

P.S. Loving my comfort food more. I had that for my breakfast today.

That's all folks! Happy hopping to GT!
The host of this weekly meme is Niko Ganda of Girls Rule.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hedge Fund

Top of the news that I have focused today was about the investors that allow them to put business and this is quite unusual about never consulting and assuring the improved software to use to operate even a small business. World's financial system is relying with IT expert that provide an improved software solutions. Business will be competitive globally with the latest software as the vehicle to achieve financial goal. Aside from that, using the hedge funds are most likely the preference of many wealthy individual where they're able to accomplish aggressive investment goal. But there are many things to consider not only the hedge fund. Consultants are best to help understand the hedge fund better. For other bank investments, hiring specialist for hedge fund would help create a more significant return of investment. Today, it is not only the wealthy investors using the hedge fund. They say it is risky although investors are earning significantly, they are also in high risk of losing proportion of their capital.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Buy a blog review for $10 and help Baby Bella for her Hernia operation

A hernia is the protrusion of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. When a hernia is not repaired, it may become strangulated. When strangulation occurs, there is a danger that part of the intestine be caught in the hernia cutting off blood supply to the tissue. Also, when a bowel obstruction occurs, it leads to severe pain, vomiting, nausea and inability to have a bowel movement or pass gas. Although Hernia happen to boys mostly, girls can also experience it.

We can help raise the expenses needed for Bella's operation by purchasing a blog review from her Mom, Mommy Rubz. A blog review from her PR3 blog. The review is consist of 150 words (all positive) with 2 links (home page link) and an image of the header or screen shot of the blog to be reviewed. One link with the blog title as the anchor text and the other link is on the image.

Please send me an email (pehcats@gmail.com) with the url of the blog you want Ruby to review.. and will reply with the url of the post and the paypal id where you can send the payment and if you are generous enough, you can even add more to the $10 price... will be waiting for your email!

This is a re-post from Pehpot of Bee Mommy blog.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The World of Coupon Codes

To save thousands of dollars a year on products online people have turned to the ever-faithful coupon codes. When you go to make a purchase online there is usually a place to type in a special offers code at check out. If you have ignored this place to enter coupon codes then you are missing out on some awesome savings opportunities. If you don't know where to find coupon codes or don't have any then use Google. In Google type in the name of the company you are shopping from and coupon codes or coupon offers. Get creative in your Google search to find the best site for your need. There are hundreds of web sites dedicated to collecting coupon codes for tons of different web merchants. It is a good idea to use more than one site to find savings. These sites will often have a few codes that don't work so check the comments to see if other people have had success with the same code. Always make sure your coupon code is not expired before you use it. Coupon codes can range from free shipping to 50 percent off of products. How could you miss out on those savings when you're already online? Some merchant sites let you enter multiple coupon codes while others only let you enter one. Companies put special savings codes on the Internet to get you to shop on their website and to get rid of some products faster. Be sure to check if there are any restrictions to your code. An example of a restriction would be that you must spend a certain amount of money before you get the free shipping. Tell your friends and family about online coupon codes and help save them some money. Just remember when your shopping online savings are only a click away.

Mellow Yellow Monday

Happy Father's Day! I know it's late, I just can't find photos in my archive. Besides my mouse is acting and jumping in my browser and the clicker is not working properly. Too many excuses. lol. Anyways, here is my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday. Take a look at the back ground. It is nearly summer in LA, while it is over and rainy season in Manila. Rain is pouring hard for the past three nights. I hope it won't flood much this year.

If you happen to browse this page today, this post is for you. Happy Father's Day!

More yellow post here.
My entry forMellowYellowBadge

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Earn Revenue to your Blog

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Visit my sponsor: Make Money Blogging with AffinityClick

Friday, June 18, 2010

Party is on, LA Lakers Won!!

The Los Angeles Lakers has won over the Boston Celtics 83-79 and put the LA Lakers into championship title for 2010 at the NBA. Congratulations Lakers!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Algebra Online Tutorial

School days have just started. At this point of time, I know my daughter will have a hard time dealing with Algebra again. I have confidence with her ability but my only concern here is to get her to become interested and help understand the subject more. I might consider getting online tutorial for Algebra 1 help key for this subject. Whenever she asked help from me with Algebra 1 problems, I usually replied that my brain shut down and I can only get a tutorial for her to get Algebra 1 answers in easier way.

I must admit, I've struggled with this subject during my time and if I do tutoring job for her now, I will need to refresh first and study this from the start to help her understand Algebra 1. I bet it will take a whole lot of time for both of us. Besides, I find it very difficult, really difficult tutoring with her homework. I leave this job to the expert like TutorVista. I want her to love Algebra so she can understand the subject more. She's intelligent, I know she is. She got above average in other subject so it is not impossible that she excels in Algebra too.

Right now, she's thinking of what course to take in college. She worried too much when she thinks about Algebra 2. Well I think that is complicated that she needs Algebra 2 help manual for this. Getting online tutorial for her with TutorVista is a great option. With this, she can even extend her online tutorial as long as she wants it and stay more hours to help Algebra 2 answers since tutorial is available 24/7. It wouldn't be hard for her anymore to solve Algebra 2 problems. Oh well, TutorVista offers only $99.99/month and that's for unlimited tutorial service. There is also free demo so it wouldn't be hard to understand especially for first time user. How I wish I have learned this TutorVista during my time. I could have been awarded as Best in Algebra in our class. Oh, I'm not kidding here. I only wish my daughter a brighter future and so I'm doing and giving all the best for her.

GT: My Wallet

Our theme for GT this week is about our wallet. This wallet has been with me for over two years now but I will not be using this wallet anymore. So sad, but I got a new one. The service of this wallet is due until end of week. A hand me down wallet very soon.

What's inside my wallet?
some cards, my Media Whiz card, (my bloggers ATM card, yo) few broken dollars (one-dollar bill), one-five peso bill and ten peso bill as my lucky charm.

The host of this weekly meme is Niko Ganda of Girls Rule.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i'm having a cup of coffee

and it's already late afternoon and dinner will be up in a little while. i have lots of pending task last week and now more loads piled up. i'm stressed! sometimes i feel like one even if there's not enough reason for me to be stressed. i took relaxing tab to get away with this thought. do you sometimes feel the same way or is it me alone having this bad hair day mood once in a while? or am i PMS-ing? oh well, gotta make up my mind, i need to finish more tasks before the end of the day.

happy? i posted a happy image as i am bound to this zone already.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fiberglass Planters for my House

I went to my friend's house few weeks ago as I was invited for their house warming. The house is quite big and the architectural design totally impressed me but what really caught my attention was her little garden. I've noticed a beautiful landscaping and I was totally amazed with her sense of design. She hired a Landscape Architecture just to achieve that look and she saved tons of cash for it. There are fiberglass planters in her porch that adds an overall beautiful scene of the house. She is actually addicted into something that will improve the look of her new house. I asked her where she bought the fiberglass planter because of its good quality but is inexpensive. She referred me to the website and added that she had it at a very good price.

I was actually thinking of my sister when I saw the fiber glass planters. She loves decorating her house and gardening too. Gardening is actually her hobby during weekend. I love planting but I have no space and it is just so impossible for me since I live in the city right now. I can only dream of having my own garden and a fiber glass planter in my porch too. Or maybe I'll try to put one in our terrace. I know it will create a beautiful look not only for the terrace but the whole look of the house.

Easy Scholarships

They say that poverty is not a hindrance to success and I believe in that. I have known a few who have succeeded in their lives who came from a very poor family, a story of rags to riches with only education as their tool to success. And because education is the best foundation of our future, there is no reason for our youth today not to succeed if they only believe and keep this in their heart and mind. An easy scholarships will help them reach their goal in life.

I have been telling about this to my niece when she decided to enroll this school year. She's quite intelligent and she has proved that when she passed all the exams given to her last year. I told her that she needs to maintain above average grade because it is the only passport for a brighter future. I kept on reminding her that if she wants to be successful someday, she must study very hard and work things out today. We are the ones who make our future. Education is the best investment you can ever have and no one can take that away from you.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

PGT First Grand Winner: Jovit Baldivino

I have no doubt he would win the first time I saw him in his PGT's first performance. I knew it from the start that this young man will make it to grand finals. All PGT contestants are equally talented but Jovit got this so called charisma. People were charmed by his humble personality. He rocked the world, I mean the Araneta in his last night's performance. By the way, Jovit used to sell siomai in his hometown to help his family and sometimes he sings when invited in small occasions like fiesta or party. Today he was proclaimed as first PGT winner and received 2M grand prize plus the fame that has opened up more opportunities for him. Congratulations Jovit!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

GT: Vanity

My entry would be as simple as my vanity kit. I only use Johnson's baby powder and a little lipstick. And so what's inside my vanity kit? Lipsticks, Nivea lipgloss, CW perfume, VS Shadow and Johnson's baby powder. I don't really put make up.

So there. I'm not really vain. Honestly, I have lots of those in the house but I don't use it. I just love looking at them until it gets expired. Weird.

The host of this weekly meme is Niko Ganda of Girls Rule.

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happy birthday to two beautiful roses

Two wonderful mommy bloggers Rose and Rossel are celebrating their birthdays today.

I've known Rose for quite sometime now. She's my mentor/adviser when it comes to blogging, I'm quite older than her though. She's also known as Chubskulit. Meet the author of four blogs and be amazed with her two adorable kids.

Happy Happy Birthday Rose!

Please drop by in her blogs. She will be happy if you visit her at Etcetera Etcetera, Nostalgic Marveling, Rose Obstacles and Glories and Spice Up Your Life.




Another beautiful mommy blogger is celebrating her birthday today..
Meet Rossel, the author of Topics on Earth and Mom's Ups and Downs. Give her some lovin, it's her big day today! Happy Happy Birthday Rossel!!

Happy Birthday

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TCP: The Thirteenth Floor

Sorry for late posting. My entry for this week is

The Thirteenth Floor movie is about a computer scientist Hannon Fuller who discovered something very important. When he was to about to tell what he discovered to his colleague, Douglas Hall, he came to know that someone is after him so he just left a letter in his computer generated world. Fuller is murdered in real world at the same night, and his colleague is suspected. Douglas hardly recalls the night when fuller was murdered. He logs into the sytem to find the letter. The truth is about to reveal. The mystery behind the computer.

The movie is well plotted. I remember watching this many years ago and I say the movie has a little suspense and found myself screaming.

Please visit Kikamz of Just About Anything for more movies with the same theme, computer geeks 101.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yummy Sunday: Comfort

I got to learn this comfort food during our previous GT's theme, "comfort food" where Nikoganda posted this as her entry for food that gives her a total comfort by which she learned also from Pehpot. I tried it myself using Yakisoba noodles and spicy sardines. I'm a little sick now and I need a little comfort. It is raining today and so I think this is so perfect for our lunch today.

My entry for

More Yummy Sunday at Perfectly Blended.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Play your Game

It is very unusual that you would see me roaming around the city even when I was still unmarried and enjoying my single life. You would always see me inside the house doing home chores, baking, cooking, or doing the laundry. I'm the exact opposite of husband that even during his vacation, seeing him inside the house is an unusual scene. He's always visible with his friends outside, living like a bachelor who lives a worry-free life. Well it was him that way even before I met him. I have nothing to do with his lifestyle anymore and I think it would be hard to change him as he grew up with that style already. He's someone who loves to embrace the world outside, loves to gamble or visits casino house once in a while. Even if he is now living and working abroad, he still finds time to go out and hang out with friends at night. Now that I can't stop him with this addicting game anymore, I would suggest to check the website where he can choose the best casino online. It is a time saving game as one does not need to drive going to casino house just to play. I have no luck with this kind of game but maybe I'll try this game sometime later.

Playing games online is almost the same as the real one. I have tried my luck in casino before and I remember I won once but the price I've won was put into bet again and lose it after. Well at least I have tried and experienced to play the game. I will never try that again, maybe for online games or some slots. Playing game is so easy today. By just downloading online at a very affordable price, one can play right away in a very easy way. Husband will be surprised when I tell him that he can play and try his luck right inside the comfort of the house. Downloading is very easy and the website is just one click away. Check it out now. There are great selections to choose coming from reliable expert in gambling who made the review for you.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mommy Moment: Unforgettable Summer

mommy moments

Right now, I can hear thunder and lightning strikes once in awhile. It rained hard the past few days, a signal that rainy season is coming. Goodbye to summer. Summer has been a favorite season for all of us. For my kids, it's a great bonding time with their cousins. A lot fun for us, unforgettable one.

I say no more, happy face says it all..

I enrolled my younger daughter to swimming lesson and even if her skin color turned darker, summer has been very unforgettable for her.

mommy moments

My entry for Mommy Moments with Unforgettable Summer theme.
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joyful ride

When you think about the reward, what do you have in your mind? Have you ever think of getting a body kit for your car as a reward? This idea just came into my mind when a friend I have known for long time called me up today. We talked for an hour and all we discussed were all about body kit and everything about car. I've been blogging about her in my previous post. She's definitely in love with her car. And now, she's bragging again about the body kit she has just installed. Now I can say that one's personality reflect on one's choice of particular thing and a car is no exception to this. She might be the kind of person who loves the irony of the world and it shows clearly by the type of luxurious body parts of car that she had. If every photo has its own story to tell, then your car too. Listen to your inner self and give yourself a chance to do what you wanted to do in your life. Express yourself! Shop for your car and give yourself a joyful ride.

Just like what your body needs, your car needs to be pampered too. You can customize your car with top quality accessories. Don't be too shy to express yourself. I will suggest to my dear friend to be conscious in getting car accessories for she might become very famous later. It is just enough to be known as one respectable woman and I only wish her more success in her career. Right now I'm just happy seeing her that way, successful and happy in her life.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

GT: Shower Loot

Sshh.. I'm inside the comfort of our house and I'm not taking a shower, I'm taking a photo for our Thursday meme, shower loot.. I can't stick to one shampoo as my hair easily runs dry with only one brand. Definitely I love Pantene. I just skip using Pantene when I feel like my hair becomes frizzy and alter it with other brand of shampoo once in a while. I use glutathione soap but Johnson's Baby Bath during night time. I just love the smell of my skin at night with any of Johnson's product. I don't buy Cream Silk in tube. I think the smell easily disappear once it is opened so I use sachet and buy it by dozen instead. Look, the conditioner is running out of supply already. Got to go now to replenish the supply, I panic without conditioner. lol

The host of this weekly meme is Niko Ganda of Girls Rule.

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