Monday, May 31, 2010

Web Site Hosting, etc

If you are into blogging, you should not limit your knowledge into simply posting and publishing article. When I started blogging, my knowledge is limited to simply posting. I only want to blog my everyday activities, my failures and triumphs and everything, but when I learned more about online world, I discovered domain thing, page rank, technoratti and web hosting. I am not really an expert but somehow I know a little more compare with my blogging knowledge a year ago. I think it is a basic thing for bloggers, and if you have passion in blogging, you will discover everything even by yourself alone.

You can survive the world of blogging if you blog passionately and blogging is into your heart. With web site hosting, your world will not be limited to blogging alone. You will get to learn the latest trend, web hosting, news about hosting industry which is very important, and most of all reviews of the best web hosting providers for you to keep on track on what's happening on the web.

I am planning again to buy my own domain. I'm still thinking and discovering on how to do it myself lay outing my own blog. When I already have what's on my mind, I will proceed with the plan. I will start myself with simple html codes. I may sound funny but I am starting to get obsessed with my blogs and I'm trying to learn how this simple codes are being installed. So, wish me luck guys.


wenn said...

that's a good start..

Redlan said...

I have one now. Thanks for the site review and I found the best hosting site in world.

seth said...

Hi sis, please do comment on my entry for sunsilk blog contest here

Need your support, badly! Thanks!

Dropping by from BC Bloggers :-)

kimmy said...

hello! got a tag for you, here it is..