Sunday, May 2, 2010

prescription eyeglasses

My children both wear prescription eyeglasses. They started using eyeglasses at a very young age. My younger daughter started using eyeglasses at the age of seven. We always visit optical clinic every six months to make sure their vision were being corrected. My teenager daughter changes her eyeglasses more often and she always choose a black frame and stylish one. She visits the clinic every six months to correct the lense while my younger daughter prefers a quality hard eyeglasses and never cares about the style and the color. She always asked me to choose eyeglasses for her and what exactly suits her best.

I don't really go for signature or branded eyeglasses because it is not practical anymore to choose expensive one. I always consider the one with high quality frame. So whenever we visit optical clinic, I look only for eyewear with good quality. I suffer astigmatism but I don't wear one while husband and my two children use prescription eyeglasses. I believe that poor eyesight is genetic but we can at least maintain foods that are rich in vitamins like carrots which are essential for healthy eyes. I only wish for perfect vision but then using the right prescription eyeglasses help.


Redlan said...

i need to have eyeglasses too. sooner or later.....

btw, andami ko ng utang sau sa pagcomment. pasilip silip lang ako dito. babawi ako teh. joke lang ang teh. natatawa talaga ako sa mga terms na yan naalala ko palagi si dyanie sa mga terms na yan. kamustah kha naman whowah..jejeje

HalfCrazy said...

Well goodluck about those prescription eyeglasses. Take care of them and your eyes, alright. Your eyes is one very important organ you should always keep in high maintenance.

I have really great vision. I'm 18 years old, always facing the PC or a TV cos I use the internet and play videogames. I read a lot of books too ever since I was young.

I'd go crazy if my vision went haywire.