Thursday, May 27, 2010

my kind of jeans

This is a surprise to me. I measured my waistline this morning and you know what, it's really frustrating. And why? Target measure below 30 is still very far from my desired shape. Now do you have hint about the size of my hip and waist. It's a tough secret.

I'm still longing to wear this denim jeans. I browsed the site and picked the denim of my choice. PRVCY Denim Jeans Barbados Straight Leg in Harvest and market price is $216 and I
can have it for only $115 should I order this jeans now.

PRVCY Denim Jeans Barbados Straight Leg in Harvest

Look at that and I'm drooling over with the style. Would I fit in with this jeans? Certainly not! I still have to work out for this fit. Oh no! So this means, no pizza and junk food for me plus running, walking and devotedly submit myself to heavy exercise everyday. Can I do it? Oh well, I can, only with strong determination and discipline. I know I'm a little overweight but I'll try my best to get back into shape. So watch out. :D

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