Tuesday, May 11, 2010

increase traffic

Sometimes I think about having a full time job online. Maintaining two blogs take much of my time already but I'm planning of buying a new website of my own domain again. As if these two blogs aren't enough to fill up my time online. I aimed for a higher PR but even if I'm working hard in my blog I still haven't got my desired traffic. The only way for me is update my blog everyday for at least one quality post to keep my blog in search engine. Hiring seo is one option for me to increase traffic. With this, tasks and opps will be possible to increase and that means potential income for one stay at home mom like me.

Blogging is one form of destressing for me. Other than meeting other moms online, I enjoyed learning parenting tips from them. Aside from earning online, I can express everything on my mind online, be it simple or little things. I made a little research about seo or search engine optimization just to know how I can improve traffic in my blogs. Designs and layouts add to whole package of blogs too. Hiring a professional for web design will help facilitate traffic and draw more readers your blog. Before putting a website one must know what exactly web design he/she wants. Designs are made accordingly to what website you are planning in your mind. It is a mutual process between blog owner and a designer.


Tetcha said...

I only realized the value of blog layout to the overall traffic of my site; that's why I recently changed to a new template. Belated Happy Mother's Day!

wenn said...

my blog is just like a diary for me.

Self Sagacity said...

yes, it's very important to increase traffic for your site to maintain interest.