Thursday, May 13, 2010

I simply love myself

I bought sundress for myself two days ago. I knew at first that it fits me even without fitting it in the store. It looks good in the mannequin and the price is quite expensive. Oh well, I need something for myself as a gift last mother's day. But when I came home and tried it, I was surprised, it didn't fit me at all. The sundress is beautiful but I hate how I looked in the mirror wearing that dress. I look at the mirror twice, thrice, many times and no matter what angle, it just didn't suit me, period. I'm fat, I know and I can't stand to this unwanted fats anymore.

I was alarmed seeing my daughter getting overweight too. I warned her that if she keeps her unhealthy practice, she will soon find herself on her way to obesity. I encouraged her to take exercise daily, eat fruits and vegetables and stay away from fatty and unhealthy food. Ratings of obesity for ages 12 to 16 are getting higher and it just scares me that if she continues her routine, she will soon be obese.

We're both scared even if we're still far from obesity. I can't stand to think about submitting myself to bariatric surgery. Eating pizza and junk foods are just so irresistible. I'm overweight but I don't think I need bariatric surgery. If ever I submit myself to this kind of surgery, I will be needing bariatric vitamins loaded with vitamins and mineral supplements for bariatric surgery patients. It has protein bars and vitamins needed for the body to recover from surgical weight loss.


Self Sagacity said...

could this be what happens to moms? gees i feel the same way.

chubskulit said...

Hala, workout tayong dalawa heheheh...