Friday, May 28, 2010

girls talk

Now I am not late anymore for this entry as Mclinky is open for week. Yey. But oh, I have no recent photo with my friends offline. Are my online friends counted since I'll be meeting them soon? I've got friends but I have no pics with them. I have no social life since I have been a SAHM for over ten years now. Glad that friends online were always there to fill up my day. Blogging friends cheered me up. Comments made me happy. Friends offline I can call are my sisters and they're always online for me.

I hope this still fits for GT theme, "friends offline."
Btw, count me in for June's GT theme. I hope to post a more juicy entry next month. Thanks Niko of Girls Rule for this weekly meme.

See more of Girls Talk entry here.

1 comment:

niko said...

hahaha wla tlgang social life?? like lets have girls night out!! hihih

bdw, Girs Talk will end on June, hope you can still join the last wave of fun. The theme is on the sidebar already.. its been nice seeing u at Girls Talk!