Sunday, May 30, 2010

carpet cleaning

Rainy season has officially started. I love rain as I love summer. I waited for rain just like how I waited for summer. The only thing that I hate about rain is the bad smell it creates inside the house. No matter how you keep your house clean and tidy, the rain still leaves a stinky smell that even the clothes are not really dried up. We use traditional way of drying clothes hanging it up to dry in the heat of the sun.

Just like the clothes and other stuff in the house, a friend complained about how she hates the smell of her carpet during rainy season. No matter how hard she dried or cleaned it, it leaves a very stinky smell in her house too. I suggested to call carpet cleaning Portland OR as they clean carpet leaving the house a good smell. My friend is really meticulous when it comes to small details in the house. She is not satisfied by just cleaning the carpet. She believes that a house needs to be a safe place to live with healthy home environment.

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Joops said...

Now that we have two dogs, we have t clean our carpet every so often with the seam vac so the odor of some spills from Champ won't stink hehehe..