Monday, May 31, 2010

Web Site Hosting, etc

If you are into blogging, you should not limit your knowledge into simply posting and publishing article. When I started blogging, my knowledge is limited to simply posting. I only want to blog my everyday activities, my failures and triumphs and everything, but when I learned more about online world, I discovered domain thing, page rank, technoratti and web hosting. I am not really an expert but somehow I know a little more compare with my blogging knowledge a year ago. I think it is a basic thing for bloggers, and if you have passion in blogging, you will discover everything even by yourself alone.

You can survive the world of blogging if you blog passionately and blogging is into your heart. With web site hosting, your world will not be limited to blogging alone. You will get to learn the latest trend, web hosting, news about hosting industry which is very important, and most of all reviews of the best web hosting providers for you to keep on track on what's happening on the web.

I am planning again to buy my own domain. I'm still thinking and discovering on how to do it myself lay outing my own blog. When I already have what's on my mind, I will proceed with the plan. I will start myself with simple html codes. I may sound funny but I am starting to get obsessed with my blogs and I'm trying to learn how this simple codes are being installed. So, wish me luck guys.

MYM: I want a boat ride

I want a boat ride. Even if I have experienced near death drowning in my early life, I still want to do diving, snorkeling and boating.

This is the boat that supposedly will take us to snorkeling site but the beach wave did not cooperate. The boatman said that it is better to take snorkeling in the morning just when the beach is still calm.

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Finding the Best Apartment, etc..

There are many factors to consider in looking for an apartment. Aside from location, length of lease, amenities and the rent amount, one must take a look also about what type of neighborhood he/she will have. When husband decided about possible moving, he checked the kind of community nearby first. He wants a healthy community and good people where he can live by peacefully. Other things to consider are design of apartment, security and many more. Husband checked North Carolina Apartments which is not really far from his place. Living in NC is quite wonderful. North Carolina is rich in recreational activities for kids. The convenience in school for kids is also very important to him. Choosing NC Apartments is on top of his list and I will consider whatever he wants and will support his decision all the way. Apartments in Durham NC is most likely his choice. He is not closing his option yet but more or less, moving to this apartment will happen soon. He is so glad that there's a website,, an expert that will help you find the best apartments in NC. North Carolina is a wonderful state. Decision making becomes easier for him upon seeing the convenience of living in NC. North Carolina is the leading state in terms of furniture, tobacco, brick and textile production and has the largest maintained highway system in the US. With all these, I can already see his final decision very soon.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Johnson's Mommy Event

Mommy and Me Sparty: Benefits of Touch Therapy.
Caren Yrastorza hosted the said event.
I went to attend Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries yesterday at Eastwood City together with my sister who is a mom too. Mommies shared their experience and other soon to be mom who attended in the same event. I now realized the benefits of the massage that I gave to my daughters when they were still baby. Massage serves as special bond between mom and child aside from other numerous benefits of touch therapy.

I met mommy bloggers in the event.
and meeting pehpot..
Thanks to all the staff of Nuffnang Philippines and Johnson & Johnson. They were very friendly and accommodating. Next event will be held in Makati on June 5. Topic to be discussed will be Bedtime Stories: Bedtime Activities for your Babies and Baby Lullabies. Venue will be at Dome Cafe, Solid Mills Building, Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati.

carpet cleaning

Rainy season has officially started. I love rain as I love summer. I waited for rain just like how I waited for summer. The only thing that I hate about rain is the bad smell it creates inside the house. No matter how you keep your house clean and tidy, the rain still leaves a stinky smell that even the clothes are not really dried up. We use traditional way of drying clothes hanging it up to dry in the heat of the sun.

Just like the clothes and other stuff in the house, a friend complained about how she hates the smell of her carpet during rainy season. No matter how hard she dried or cleaned it, it leaves a very stinky smell in her house too. I suggested to call carpet cleaning Portland OR as they clean carpet leaving the house a good smell. My friend is really meticulous when it comes to small details in the house. She is not satisfied by just cleaning the carpet. She believes that a house needs to be a safe place to live with healthy home environment.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

renovate the house

I just bought a new magazine about house improvement today. As I was browsing the page, I found myself in deep sigh when I saw the house being featured for the week. It wasn't really my dream house, but it caught my attention because of the replacement windows installed in the house. I love the unique features and it really looks elegant in the magazine.

I remember a friend of mine who called up few weeks ago. She asked me about my opinion in selling their house because the whole family is planning to move to another country in time. Since she is still undecided, I suggested to just have it renovated and then find someone to rent the house instead of selling it. Other relatives suggested to use siding Richmond for house renovation to have a whole new look. She already spent a lot for the renovation however she believes that improving the house is a good investment in return.

mommy meet-up

After over a year of blogging, the experience of meeting a blogger is one great experience in my blogging life. Yes, I've finally met the famous blogger, Pehpot, author of 12 blogs I'm stalking. I've been a stalker of her high ranked blogs for quite some time now and I'm so happy I got to meet her today at Johnson's Mommy Event. Also at the event is Joy of Occasions of Joy. Hope to see you all again in next mommy meet up. I'll post more photos and story about the Johnson's Touch Therapy later.

Friday, May 28, 2010

stylish house

I visited my sister's house few weeks ago and I've noticed a lot of changes in their house. I was quite intrigued and asked her about specific changes she did inside and outside of the house. The inside part was fully renovated while the outer part was re-roofed with stylish one. The roofing adds more beauty to the house and it looks very elegant now.

Roofing of the house doesn't need to be costly to be durable and stylish. Of course we all want a storm-free roof that would stand even on the most devastating storm. When I asked my sister about it, she gave me an idea about how she maintained the house without spending too much. She said the house survived the strongest storm last year. She added that the repair of the roof has to be done before rainy days come. Well I hope that weather will be fair for the rest of the year. I guess our roof needs to be renovated first before the storm comes.

girls talk

Now I am not late anymore for this entry as Mclinky is open for week. Yey. But oh, I have no recent photo with my friends offline. Are my online friends counted since I'll be meeting them soon? I've got friends but I have no pics with them. I have no social life since I have been a SAHM for over ten years now. Glad that friends online were always there to fill up my day. Blogging friends cheered me up. Comments made me happy. Friends offline I can call are my sisters and they're always online for me.

I hope this still fits for GT theme, "friends offline."
Btw, count me in for June's GT theme. I hope to post a more juicy entry next month. Thanks Niko of Girls Rule for this weekly meme.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

my kind of jeans

This is a surprise to me. I measured my waistline this morning and you know what, it's really frustrating. And why? Target measure below 30 is still very far from my desired shape. Now do you have hint about the size of my hip and waist. It's a tough secret.

I'm still longing to wear this denim jeans. I browsed the site and picked the denim of my choice. PRVCY Denim Jeans Barbados Straight Leg in Harvest and market price is $216 and I
can have it for only $115 should I order this jeans now.

PRVCY Denim Jeans Barbados Straight Leg in Harvest

Look at that and I'm drooling over with the style. Would I fit in with this jeans? Certainly not! I still have to work out for this fit. Oh no! So this means, no pizza and junk food for me plus running, walking and devotedly submit myself to heavy exercise everyday. Can I do it? Oh well, I can, only with strong determination and discipline. I know I'm a little overweight but I'll try my best to get back into shape. So watch out. :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


at the peak of summer, can you guess where is this place?
sound of the rain is so refreshing..
but no! it isn't the real rainshower..
but it cools down my sight having 38oC of summer
manila's north and one of the biggest mall in manila..
can you guess now?

my entry for

My entry for Watery Wednesday
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good morning in my new layout

You're not lost. You're still in my blog. I changed the layout of my blog since the sidebar image in my old template has expired. I temporarily changed my new template and choose the green background so you won't really feel at lost and still recognize me by this color. Thanks Dhemz for very quick reply. I owe you a lot. This only means that I so love my blog that for little unusual changes in my blog would already put me into panic. Thanks for dropping by. Good day everyone!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Johnson's Baby Bedtime eInvite

click the image to enlarge

Note: Venue for tomorrow's event (May 29) will be moved to Dulcinea, City Walk, Eastwood.

Stay Protected while Driving

How protected are you while driving? Have you had a bug deflector with your car? Accessorizing your car is one great way to express your style in car. How about choosing bug deflector as protection for your car or truck and be stylish in one. Stay protected from any road debris. Get bug deflector for your car now.

Accessorized your car with window deflector or vent visors as they call it. This will keep you protected while driving in an open window to help you breath like in an open field and enhance driving comfort. What other good thing about adding this accessory to your car is the option to choose whether tape on or in channel designs.

Think about company that offers all the top brands of bug deflectors and window deflectors including AVS, weathertech, stampede products and more. Think no other but RealTruck. com. It's all in the website. Head over now and see more of the benefits choosing

Be protected from any hassle in driving. Here's the one that I picked from the website, EGR chrome bug shields. Aside from installation that is done in easiest way, the hood guard is in its highest quality too. You can even save up 33% off from the list price should you decide to order this bug shield. Shipping takes only 1 to 2 days and what's good about this is free shipping for continental United States shipping address. What a great offer it could be!

Monday, May 24, 2010

summer weekend

Family outing was a blast yesterday. I was not able to sneak into my pc last night as I was dead tired and energy-less to do some updates in my blog. It was fun, bonding with my sisters and family. Sad thing here is.. camera was broke and I am not sure if I can recover all our pics there. Good thing, I brought my old digicam with me and took the time left for us to capture the moment in the resort.

spotted an old lady in yellow
rest under the shade of bamboo tree.. did you see the yellow spot in this pic?

and the yellow summer scarf hanging in bamboo tree...

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Web Host

I am not a geek but I somehow know a website that will make your online business a success. Web hosting geeks provide the ratings, reviews, and features about web hosting. You don't need to be an expert and check each web hosting site to compare the price, reviews and benefits of purchasing domain because everything is now available in one site. Selection process takes no time anymore. When I started blogging, my knowledge is limited to posting and not even aware about the traffic that the site needs to earn a page rank. I don't say I'm a geeky now, but at least I know a little about the best web hosting. Selection process is made easier and you can choose the cheapest web host that you want for your website. I just bought my own domain two months ago and was overly satisfied with the service and the features. Few weeks ago, a blogger friend buzzed me about the domain that he purchased. Now, he is happy with his new website and glad that he had the best web host for his site. I knew he did the right thing. I am planning of buying again a new domain since multiple domain hosting is now possible. I don't need to buy a separate host for another website but I can have additional domains under one account. It only takes one web host to be successful online. I think I need more time for my online job now and be a full time blogger should I decide to purchase a new domain later.

GT: Friends from Work

I know it's too late but I still want to post this and see if Mclinky still open. Our topic for this week is "friends from work." Btw, I missed last weeks entry high school and college friends. Anyways, going back to friends at work, I have been a sahm for more than ten years now and so friends from work were my old friends many years ago. I was employed in different companies and most were marketing related business. I gained few friends but I lost communication to some whom I call best buddy. Some of them are now in my FB account and still in contact but I haven't seen them for quite sometime now. Lately, I received a message in my FB and I was surprised when I read it. It was from a very good friend who is now working abroad. Well, I hope again that I could see old photos of us together. I'll try to post them when I see those pics later.

My entry for GT's "friend from work theme"
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Myrtle Beach Vacation Deals

Do you want a vacation where you can spend a relaxing moment and come back home feeling more revived and energized? I want one and I've been longing for a grand vacation this year. For one stay at home mom, summer means grand vacation and a break from everyday routine. I always plan for a vacation where I can spend with family in a cozy and relaxing resort. I want every minute of summer to be a quality time. Sometimes I think about staying in Myrtle Beach hotel and spend relaxing time and play a few rounds of golf. Wow, a dream for me and to stay there is one great experience for life.

I've heard a lot of good words from families who spent their vacation in the resort, and aside from that, there's more about the Myrtle beach. There's an affordable price that you could choose depending on your budget. Once you have decided for a vacation, you can limit your options with Myrtle Beach vacation deals and everything is just so affordable. The spas and other activities add to a relaxing stay that you'll ever plan again spending vacation after vacation.

Indulge yourself. Plan ahead your vacation and spend sometime in a resort that includes health spa. Visit the website You can choose other amenities that you want. If your family is planning on a vacation, then the resort is the best place for you. The above link will take you to a vacation that your family will never forget for life.

have coffee with me..

waking up in the morning is so good with cup of coffee even on a hot summer day. opening email with notifications from paypal makes my day extra blessed and more to cheer up my day, an email from a long lost friend. good morning.. have coffee with me!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

weekend getaway

resort by day...

by night..

My entry for Watery Wednesday
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TCP: apocalyptic

12 Monkeys starring Bruce Willis as James Cole, Madeleine Stowe as Kathryn Railly, Brad Pitt as Jeffrey Goines, Christopher Plummer as Dr. Goines is a 1995 science fiction film based on French short film La Jetee (1962). Willis is a convicted criminal in the movie and to earn a pardon, he allowed the scientists to send him off to a dangerous mission to gather information on the virus.

Please visit Kikamz of Just About Anything for more movies with the same theme, apocalyptic. .

Monday, May 17, 2010 contest

A wonderful blogger friend, Rose of Obstacles and Glories is celebrating her 2nd Blog Anniversary. In celebration of her 2nd anniversary, she is giving away $100 promotional code from CSN Online Store open from May 15 to June 14. Winner will be announced on June 15. This is open to American and Canadian residents. If you are from other country, you are still eligible to join and if you're lucky, $25 will be awarded via paypal to paypal account instead of CSN product.


Here is one of the housewares I picked from the website. Isn't it gorgeous?

Visit her website now, click the badge below and see more of the details of the contest.


to my little lady.. happy birthday!!!

this post is for you..
i can't find any words to say how much i love you
mommy will do anything for you.
i can't help but a little emo
looking back at your old photo..

during grade school years that mommy has
to wait for you at school everyday.

i still remember how excited I was,
the first time you wear this lovely gown..
I was so excited and thank God
how blessed I am to be your mom..

you're not a teenager yet, so don't act like one.
don't rush yourself, i still want to baby you..

she loves this pic, and she said she looks slimmer here.

even if you are so masungit here, i still love this photo.
it just shows the natural you.. (i'm half kidding baby)
you're still the sweetest girl even in your frown face.

to you my little, big ate... HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This is my first time to visit YouSayToo blog and was totally amazed by the website. The website is a revenue sharing community where you can add your blog to the website and start making blog money online. List of bloggers who won in the website is just a proof that by just joining the contest, participants get the chance to win hundreds of dollars and other fun gift. That's by just taking part in YouSayToo's social bookmarking challenge.

In YouSayToo, I found the article about new hotel Dubai, and thought it was really fantastic. Buzz about it and the awesome mixture of the article just says that sharing your interests are possible with the website.

Have you heard about seeing picture of your future baby? Well then, take time to read this article and see how to make your future baby. I hardly believe about this until I myself read the article and learned about Baby Morphing. It is a new technology where couples can see the picture of their future baby by just providing the picture. But it is not limited to baby morphing, head over now to the link provided and see more aside from baby morphing.

You can also make money blogging, play your games with monkey defense and watch the avatar. Games area are really addicting. Buzz about favorite news, refer a friend and socialize with YouSayToo website. Head over now to the website and earn revenue blogging.

yummy sunday

it was my very first attempt to cook kare-kare and for me it was successful.
it is by way of cooking shrimp paste (bagoong alamang) that makes a difference.

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Sponsor a Child Now

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SEO 5 Consulting. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Visit my sponsor: Plan to Change the World

Friday, May 14, 2010

another mommy event,

How sad that I will miss again another mommy bloggers event. It is Johnsons Mommy event at Rockwell tomorrow. Why is this event always fall the the same time with our family outing? I wish I could meet other mommy bloggers someday for another event. Anyways, to all moms who will join tomorrow, enjoy and have a happy weekend.


mother's heart

Sweater, n.: garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly. ~Ambrose Bierce

You are the most wonderful gift that God has given me. No amount of words can define the love of a mother to her children.

mommy moments

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I simply love myself

I bought sundress for myself two days ago. I knew at first that it fits me even without fitting it in the store. It looks good in the mannequin and the price is quite expensive. Oh well, I need something for myself as a gift last mother's day. But when I came home and tried it, I was surprised, it didn't fit me at all. The sundress is beautiful but I hate how I looked in the mirror wearing that dress. I look at the mirror twice, thrice, many times and no matter what angle, it just didn't suit me, period. I'm fat, I know and I can't stand to this unwanted fats anymore.

I was alarmed seeing my daughter getting overweight too. I warned her that if she keeps her unhealthy practice, she will soon find herself on her way to obesity. I encouraged her to take exercise daily, eat fruits and vegetables and stay away from fatty and unhealthy food. Ratings of obesity for ages 12 to 16 are getting higher and it just scares me that if she continues her routine, she will soon be obese.

We're both scared even if we're still far from obesity. I can't stand to think about submitting myself to bariatric surgery. Eating pizza and junk foods are just so irresistible. I'm overweight but I don't think I need bariatric surgery. If ever I submit myself to this kind of surgery, I will be needing bariatric vitamins loaded with vitamins and mineral supplements for bariatric surgery patients. It has protein bars and vitamins needed for the body to recover from surgical weight loss.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TCP: with numbers

Three Men and a Baby is comedy film way back 1987. Oh my, I was just in my teenage years then. I hardly believed that 20 years++ have passed already. Starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson, the film was about the three bachelors and their lives as a father to one of the men's love child. The film was based on the 1985 French movie "Three Men and a Cradle." I have watched the sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady and it was a funny movie too.

Please visit Kikamz of Just About Anything for more movies with the same theme, movies with numbers in the title.

increase traffic

Sometimes I think about having a full time job online. Maintaining two blogs take much of my time already but I'm planning of buying a new website of my own domain again. As if these two blogs aren't enough to fill up my time online. I aimed for a higher PR but even if I'm working hard in my blog I still haven't got my desired traffic. The only way for me is update my blog everyday for at least one quality post to keep my blog in search engine. Hiring seo is one option for me to increase traffic. With this, tasks and opps will be possible to increase and that means potential income for one stay at home mom like me.

Blogging is one form of destressing for me. Other than meeting other moms online, I enjoyed learning parenting tips from them. Aside from earning online, I can express everything on my mind online, be it simple or little things. I made a little research about seo or search engine optimization just to know how I can improve traffic in my blogs. Designs and layouts add to whole package of blogs too. Hiring a professional for web design will help facilitate traffic and draw more readers your blog. Before putting a website one must know what exactly web design he/she wants. Designs are made accordingly to what website you are planning in your mind. It is a mutual process between blog owner and a designer.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Merit Badge for Moms

Rose of Nostalgic Marveling tagged me this Mommy Merit Badge. Thank you so much Mommy Rose. Happy Mother's Day to you and to all moms out there.

To all mommy bloggers, please feel free to grab the badge here and share a parenting tip along with the badge.

My little girl is a picky eater. She doesn't eat much or full diet but I slowly giving her variety of fruits and vegetable even a small amount to introduce her to different kinds of fruits. She is an active girl and I support her diet with milk and right vitamins for her age.

Moving to Texas

Moving from one state to another is stressful. I know the trouble it costs since I've experienced twice in my life the trouble of moving from one place to another. It caused me a terrible headache that it took me a couple of weeks to finally recover. Basically, to lessen the stress in moving, planning and hiring professionals to do the job for you will alleviate the strain and will help you keep your cool. When you are under stress, moving means dumping your things, leaving boxes disorganize and the result is, a total messy new place.

I can compare moving like putting a heavy burden in ones shoulder. Husband had been under stress lately. They are planning to move in to another place. He said moving in is not that easy that he has to go to different process. He needs to get approval of address before they finally move. Texas Movers can be a big help for anyone moving whether short distance or miles away.

Moving is made easier with Texas Moving Companies that will help you move to another state.

When husband told me about possible moving, he said he will consider Texas International Movers because he knows the stress it will surely cause him. They plan to move for a better opportunity and better lifestyle. They haven't decided yet about Moving to Texas but if they do, it would be easier for them to finally decide with professional movers this time. It is very important to hire a quality moving services who will do everything and handle all your things in a very organize way.

sweet and spicy pasta

If you love my spaghetti, then come and taste my pasta with sweet and spicy sauce.

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Happy Mother's Day!!

A mother's love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking. - Helen Rice

Payday Advance

Not everyone else have enough fund to support a month expenses. If you don't have emergency cash fund, where will you run to for an unexpected expense? There's a payday loan that you can count on when you need an extra to spend for emergency cases. It is really hard to think when you are in tight budget and you don't know where to go to. Quick cash is the only solution for this emergency.

First you need a trusted site where you can depend upon in times like this. Some offers a very big interest that you even grab that offers just to be able to deal with the problem.

When you need a quick cash and you badly needed it now for personal loan, there is fast and reliable website that you can rely on. I just browsed the page and learned that you can get cash advances approved online. There is no hassle, you just have to be eighteen years of age above and have an active saving/checking account. You can visit and get through the site and learn more about the loans they offer.

Some lending companies charged a very high rates and needing customers can't help but accept the loans since it is badly needed. Payday loans are best to run too when you need an emergency. If you have no option but take a personal loan, please be aware of the obligations and responsibilities in due time. Remember that loans are intended only during tough times or emergencies.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Girls Talk: Childhood

Yey! I thought I would miss this week's GT theme's childhood friends. I only have few old photos in my childhood days and all of those were left in the province, stuck in our old album. We have no camera and so kodak-taking is a big event for us. I grabbed this photo today in cousin's multiply account. Oh no! Cuz will be surprised and she will surely email me after browsing this page.
My childhood friends are my cousins, sisters and neighbors. We played hide and seek (taguan) patintero, luksong tinik and tumbang lata. Now, take a look at this photo below. That's me in pink! (blushing now) I was awarded as Huwarang Bata here. No. I'm not kidding. (Haha) I thought I was the prettiest girl in full ruffled pink dress that my mother sewed for this special event. Oh no. Haha.
The girl beside me is my childhood friend, my cousin, now a lovely lady and a successful nurse in US.

This is the bestest photo in my childhood years. You should see me behind the camera, in my short curly hair, over tanned skin and skinny just like a street beggar. (gusgusin) I told you, this is the best picture ever. Haha.

My entry for GT's "childhood."
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dear cuz, thanks for the photo. please don't get mad at me exposing this photo of ours in www.. don't worry we're equally beautiful here. lol.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Watery Wednesday

I'm lacking of words for this entry, posting this for my Watery Wednesday! I'm just so tired, don't know what to write and so sad for reasons I also don't know. goodnight everyone!

My entry for Watery Wednesday
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TCP from a book

The Notebook will be my entry for week's theme from a book. The movie is a 2004 romantic drama film based on the novel of the same title by Nicholas Sparks.
I simply love the actors here, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. I've featured the same movie in my entry with theme Love Story.

Please visit Kikamz of Just About Anything for more movies with the same theme.