Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yummy Sunday: ahhhmm..

Finally, my leche flan that I have been experimenting lately is now perfect. (that's what I think.:)) I won't brag anymore how it tastes, it's just near to smoothest state. lol
Don't worry, this will be my last post about leche flan, haha. I promise.
For those who are not following my leche flan post, well this is my nth time. The sad thing here is that husband is not around. I am 101% sure, he would call me and congratulate me when he sees this post.. he must be very proud of me now.. lol!

So I all thought I made it perfect, I was about to publish when I heard my little one in the kitchen said.. "mmm, it is smoother now and tastes really good.. but it looks like atsara.." (doh)

P.S. Believe me, this is so yummy.
I hope this fits for my Yummy Entry

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Redlan said...

penge! hindi pa ako nakakain.

Maria said...

Looks yummy:)
Have a great sunday!

the donG said...

atsara!?! hahaha.... but i dont need a 100% tasty leche flan. almost all leche flan taste good.

chubskulit said...

hahahahahahatsara! mukhang angsarap ng atsarap eheste leche flan pala lol..