Thursday, April 8, 2010

plan your vacation

When I think about a place that I would like to visit, home will always be in my list. When I say home, it only mean one place for me, my beloved country. I haven't explore my own land but as they say, nothing is sweeter than to be home with family. But leaving the country for a vacation is a great idea for me. It has always been my dream to visit New York or any tourist spot in western countries. I always browse the site to get familiar with the place. I even know the list of some tourist spots in different countries. I love to travel that I sometimes find myself online doing virtual trips already. I am not really excited, I just want to know the details of a certain place.

If you are planning for a vacation, the best to call is your own travel company that offers the best deal. It is also very important to prepare your itinerary to make the trip well planned and worth every minute. There are lists of hotels to choose from in one's destination. Most of the travel companies includes hotel accommodation and plane ticket in one deal. Promos are available during off season and that you need to check with them regularly to avail the cheapest deal. Vacation is one event that needs preparation and a break is much needed to de-stress one's life.


simply kim said...

i like to travel as well,but never had time nor money, lol!

HalfCrazy said...

Hi there, same here, it has always been my dream to visit New York, LA, and other places not in the States, haha! I am actually totally engrossed with America's culture, especially Hollywood, than my own Entertainment Industry.

Planning an out of town trip needs a long list of plans and yep, itinerary. I'm going out of town this coming Sunday, I waited 2 weeks for this!