Thursday, April 15, 2010

weekend worries

One reason why we can't go out for a long vacation is because of Magic. We worry too much about leaving him alone in the house. Whenever we go out of town or somewhere else, we leave our pet to our neighbor or sometimes we tag him along with us. A friend, whom we oftentimes leave Magic, have baby in the house and I thought that Magic might become stressful and makes noise in the middle of the night. I asked the veterinary clinic about boarding for Magic and said it will cost about P250 or $6/day. My little daughter said she can't leave the house worrying about her pet and she would only be at ease if we let Magic boarding in the vet. There he will be given extra care, good bath and attention. I thought about asking for a friend to stop by in our house and look after Magic to feed two times a day, but what about when he's alone or at night? I can't bear to think to see my pet sad the whole day with nobody to play around.


chubskulit said...

Awww poor magic, leave her here with us sis, papagurin yan ni Champ sa kakalaro lol.... Di nawawalan ng energy si Champ, si Chelsea na nga lang nagsasawa eh... napakamura nga ng pet services dyan eh..

nuts said...

sis, maintaining and having a pet there is far too expensive compare dito sa Pinas. Husband wants to adopt one dog too. naku, sana nga, makalaro nila Champ hehe,, naku super kulit din nito.

Dhemz said...

nako, super mura ng boarding jan...dito d kaya ng budget namin...kaya everytime we have long trips and vacations....kay SIL napupunta si buddy...eheheh!

kawawa naman si Magic kung mag isa lang....nako am sure mababagot yan...ehehhehe.....padala mo dito Akesha magbabantay....hehehhee!