Friday, April 16, 2010

Summer Reading List

My daughter is a bookworm. She asked me to visit bookstore this afternoon to check for some novels on sale today. Books included in her summer reading lists are science fiction and fantasy. I love that my daughter reads a lot and still finds time for reading despite the power of technology today. She still surfs the internet occasionally but she knows when to stop on using internet and rather read informative books or novels of her favorite. One of her favorite author is Stephenie Meyer. She's a fan and would rather spend the whole day reading her novel.

I searched for some books online for her and thought of it as a gift on her birthday. There's also available textbooks with over 200 bookstore online. This makes easier for me to search for some of her textbooks needed for the next school year. I've asked some of my friends about the cheaper textbook so I can save a little money where I can spend for other school supplies. My daughter's enrolment schedule will on Monday. I already prepared the budget for the possible increase on tuition fee. I hope that some books would stay the same price as last year.


HalfCrazy said...

Hmm, your daughter is young, right? In her age, science fiction and fantasy is at the top of her list. It's a really good thing that she is a bookworm, the world needs more kids like her. I mean nowadays, people are too lazy to read. Don't get me started on Amazon's Kindle. Stay away from Ebooks, they damage the eyes.

princess_dyanie said...

wow at least palabasa si daughter! keep it up! :)

simply kim said...

wow! your daughter is commendable!