Sunday, April 11, 2010

my kind of business

I have seen many companies who made it successful using concession trailer in the business. Every time I see a trailer, it gives me an impression like a walking billboard that consumer will surely remember and will leave a mark especially those trailers with colorful design. I remember last year during my little girl's outdoor activity, there was a trailer provided for students who attended the camp. It was children's library trailer that kids enjoyed the books and arts. It has a colorful layout and kids were attracted with the design. Too bad I have no camera that time, I could have posted it here. That gave me an idea and inquired about concession trailer. Having a business like this one is still a dream for me. Maybe I can have sooner if given it on installment basis. There are trailers too that I've noticed like in my favorite morning show that demonstrates cooking skills. I thought about having this kind of business since I also love cooking and so putting up restaurant just crossed my mind.

I frequently watch this show on mobile kitchen. This trailer is driving me crazy and is now becoming popular. The mobile kitchen seems to be very detailed. I have no idea about this customized concession trailer until my friend inquired about it and I rely on the net and a word from her. She was happy that her dream to have a customized trailer will soon become a reality. I just hope that someday I will have one too.

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