Friday, April 23, 2010

Mommy Moments: Red

mommy moments

Red means happiness!

Taken last Christmas, everybody's in red even Magic got red necklace. Happiness!!

My entry for Mommy Moments with Red theme. Please click the link or the badge above for more yellow entries.


Rossel said...

yes, red is happiness and prosperity. that's why we are wearing red on new year's eve. ang lalaki na ng girls mo, mommy.

mine is here...The Power of Red

Jona said...

nice chinese outfit :D

Here's Robin in Red.

redamethyst said...

Yuo, red means happines. ang ganda ng mga bata sa red.
Here's my entry

Marice said...

awww how cute and even the dog got some touch of red too!

u may view mine here

Cecile said...

bagay sa baby mo yung rd color; i love the first one with Chinese outfit, ganda!

simply kim said...

i also love the Chinese outfit. i wonder how it would look on me, lol!

Chris said...

what can i say, everyone likes to wear red once in a while! :D happy mommy moments!