Monday, April 5, 2010

mellow yellow monday

Aside from sunset at MOA, (Mall of Asia) one can truly enjoy walk along the coastal or a ride for kids at Merry Go Round. I hope to go back with kids this summer or before school days start again this June.

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Liza said...

Great shot. I haven't been to this part of MOA. Happy MYM.

Mine is here.

Ann said...

where is this place? People seem happy to just sit around.

the donG said...

i like to go jogging there one morning. i remember that we once did star gazing there before moa was opened.

Marice said...

wow i havent seen this part yet. thanks for sharing sis :)

u may view mine here

VJF said...

We have a MOA (Mall of America) in the state of Minnestoa. Our amusment park is inside the middle of the mall. Your carrousel is much more majestic. Love the bold colors.

Eds said...

oy, san to? nice shot nuts