Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Logo Design for Business

My first job experience was in marketing business. During my stay in the company, I've gained few knowledge about marketing such as marketplace, consumer's need and how to sell the product. When you're into business, it is very important to have a distinctive logo. The company that I've worked for promotes energy drinks and health products. They also carry herbal soap by which during that time is very uncommon. I remember how they focused on the logo and how the consumer reacted on the advertisement based on the logo presented. Food and Beverages logo designs must be presented well.

When I passed by at one mall last week, it stocked to my mind one store selling different drinks. They have colorful designs and I would say, people were attracted and the newly launched energy drink was easily remembered by their logo. Logos do contribute to starting or even booming business. When I think about having a business of my own, the idea of hiring professional for my business logo is in my number one list. Well, I still need to earn and save more to start a small business. It' s a dream and hope that dream still live in me in the coming years. I'm not getting any younger then and time is running out for me.

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