Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Need Comfort

I love food and if you happen to be a follower of this blog, you surely have noticed how often do I post photos about my homecooked food. But for this week's theme, comfort food will be our topic and here's mine.

I love street food especially fish ball with its authentic sauce. I have no photos of my first love fish ball but the likes of street food like chicken balls, squid balls, kikiam, quail eggs, one day old chick makes me drool over with its variety of sauce, spicy, sweet and sour and sweet n chili sauce.

I drool over with street food, (no available photo of my first love, squid ball and fish ball) as you can see the guy having his time, satisfied and happy with his meal.

My entry for ..

But wait, ice cream is my comfort food too.. Please make me happy, give me a bowl of ice cream on a hot summer or cold rainy season and we'll be bff. I would take it any season or time of the day.

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teJan said...

weeee...same foods too!

good morning dearie!

r u s s said...

Just be careful when you're
eating street food, you have to be a little choosy ─ it can't just be any vendor :) ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

Miranda said...

Wow, I love fishball too. There's just something about the ones sold in the street, for some reason they are yummier than the store-bought ones, especially the sauce. I've always wondered what the secret is - I tried asking a fishball vendor but he won't give it.

niko said...

oi pede ka ba pumunta minsan makati.. gustong gusto ko kumain nyan wla lng ako mkasabay :D shy type ako pag mag isa lng to make tusok tusok eh lol hahaha

cookies and cream ka rin pla?? dahil jan close na tau!! lol hhahaha

naluto mo ba for lunch ang sardines with pancit canton?? dinner ko sya ngaun! lol hahahah

Cecile said...

wahhh, am drooling for fish balls kikiams, quail eggs at squid balls na eh...bakit naman itong ang ipinost mo..wahhh?

chubskulit said...

Yung magama ko ang mahilig dyan, ako di masyado..

Dhemz said...

oh street foods...nakakamiss talaga....:)

Dj MariƱas said...

sarap ng tukneneng and spicy vinegar!