Sunday, April 11, 2010

Having Trouble with your Carpet?

I was on the net the whole day when a troubled friend buzzed me and told me about what's happening around their house. I asked her that if it's only the flooring, then she can do it herself or ask help from husband. I thought it was an easy job that needs no service professionals to clean it up. Well, it wasn't. She had to call the service for it. She said, there's carpet cleaning Portland OR that provides all their cleaning needs and leaves their carpet bubbly clean. I heard that she got the complete package for the service. My friend is so sensitive that her eyes can see even microscopic stuff.

She was satisfied about the result that she had to call me again and bragged about how the service was done. I told her that the hotel we stayed-in during our summer break need to be serviced by them too. Some hotels don't pay attention to carpet details especially during rainy season when the carpet seems to be stinky. I want to talk with the management that they need some carpet stretching and cleaning, because no matter how many times they shampooed the carpet, still it has stinky smell. I wish to go back for next vacation with hopes that the carpet is done with the cleaning that time.

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wenn said...

i hardly use carpets. only occasionally.