Saturday, April 10, 2010

Air Purifier at Home

It is really important to have an air purifier in the house. I've been wanting to purchase one since my older daughter had an attack when she was a toddler. She suffered from severe asthma attack before and that just made me realize how important is it to have an air purifiers at home. She maintained an anti allergy medicine for many years but I think having a home air purifier is first and basic step for healthy living.

She's not sensitive anymore with dust or any perfume or colognes now but I'm taking extra care for her and for the whole family as well. She has an allergy to pets and sometimes we can't prevent inhaling second smoke. This cannot be avoided and already a major urban pollution problem. I've been very careful when performing general cleaning at house to protect her from any dust too. Air purifier is the basic and first step for healthy living. We all deserve a clean air and breathe like in an open fresh field right inside the house.

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wenn said...

what about when she goes outside?