Friday, April 30, 2010

thank God for a little rain

It's been four or five months since we experienced a real heavy rainfall here. There was a little rain yesterday and whoa my kids jumped out for joy and thanked God for the answered prayer. But the rain wasn't enough to fill up water supply of the dam. It rained a little yesterday about few drops, maybe a glass or two only. Weather temperature cools a little down. It rained again today and thanks God, I hope it rains again tomorrow.

Maybe it was just a reminder that God is there and He knows when to pour the rain for us.

MM: Blue

mommy moments

Blue reminds me of blue sky, blue water, ocean and bright sunny day. This summer, my children had fun with outdoor activities.

Stayed in hammock one lazy afternoon in our province. True blue hammock. This hammock also witnessed my cool summer days.

My daughter in her swimsuit with shade of blue. Ready to dip in blue pool water.

Recent photo of my older daughter in blue swim suit.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

the last time I pig out

I think I always pig out these days that I gained few pounds this summer. The last time I pig out was two weeks ago during fiesta in Batangas.
Oh just so love goat stew (kalderetang kambing)..

Give me two cups of hot steamed rice and spicy kaldereta and I will love you for the rest of the day. I'll have to wait again next year to eat my favorite kaldereta. There's no available meat to cook or if there is, it is not as perfect as I have eaten in Batangas.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10th Photo Tag

Beautiful Rose of Etcetera Etcetera and Rossel of Moms and Ups tagged me this 10th Photo Tag. Thank you so much for tagging me. This was taken during 2008 Girl Scout outdoor activities. It was a very tiring day. Big sister was complaining here about terrible sore feet that Jill had to rescue her big sister and gave a little massage. Posted in my January 2009 archives Meet My Princesses.

The rules for this tag are:

1. Look through your photo archives for the chosen blog and pull out the tenth photo you posted.

2 Tell us a little bit about it.

3. Tag five more players.

4. Let the fun begin!

Now I am tagging the following bloggers:

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Cacai of Cacai's Steps and Journey
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Guide for Air Purifiers

Urban living sometimes mean living in pollution. Pollution brought numerous cases of people who got sick and percentage of it has blown bigger this year. Developing city contributes more pollution to us. Even if you are inside the house, we can still get sick and not free from pollution that causes some serious health problems, even cancer. Some people spend time or vacation in private places and never realized that it is only a temporary solution to the problem. I only wish sometimes that all people do their part to save the air that we breath, our mother earth in general. Right now, all I can share is to start my own way to keep our environment free from bad smoke or nasty air.

If you are inside your house, are you safe with the air that you breath? We must know that eliminating pet dander with hepa air purifiers are essential for a healthy living. Not only will it help us away from any breathing problems but will give us a worry free life. Each one of us need to be responsible for a healthy life. At least for now, we have solution to clean the air. Resorting to air purifier for our house or bedroom is the best way to consider this time. We may never see those particles but they are threat to our lives.

MYM: protect yourself this summer

My little girl is on her 4th day of swimming lesson and she can cross 5ft deep pool already. I apply sunblock before her swimming lesson starts to protect her skin from the heat of summer sun.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby's Bedding

Whenever I receive an invitation for a party, either baby shower, first birthday or christening, I always thought of giving baby beddings as a gift because I know how important it is for a baby. In choosing gift, comfort must be considered first for baby like clothings, beddings or toys. I remember during my older daughter's christening, one of her godmother gave her baby bedding as a gift. I was really grateful that time because I know that my baby will have a relaxing moment when she naps at her baby crib bedding at daytime.

As parents, we always want to ensure safety and comfort of our baby inside the crib. Leaving them inside the crib gives us security that they are in a safe place. But other than security, we need to give them enough comfort from hurting on the hard rails of the crib.
During nighttime, all we think about is to have a long deep sleep for our baby that is necessary for their development. We all know how important is sleeping for babies and that they need more sleep than adult. Average normal hours of baby usually takes 16 hours so it is important that beddings and baby blankets are comfortable for that long hours of sleep. Today, baby beddings can be purchased online. We can choose varieties and style that will suit our baby's needs. We all want what's best for our baby, so choose only beddings that will give enough comfort for them.

Yummy Sunday: Yellowfin Tuna Steak

Here is my Yellowfin Tuna Steak. An easy to prepare menu with only soy sauce, onion and calamansi as main ingredients.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

any bright ideas?

As expected our Meralco bill this month went up so high. Our bill doubled last month but this time it was tripled compare to our regular monthly bill. We all complain hot temperature brought by El Nino but we abstain from using air conditioner during daytime to save electricity. We only use ventilator or electric fan during daytime and AC at bedtime only but our bill has skyrocketed to almost 150%.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is shining and that's our bill.

Mommy Moments: Red

mommy moments

Red means happiness!

Taken last Christmas, everybody's in red even Magic got red necklace. Happiness!!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks on DVD

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Alvin and the Chipmunks. All opinions are 100% mine.

At last, "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel" is now available on on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download. My kids has been bugging me to have this DVD to complete our DVD collection. I just can't wait to have a copy now. There's a Double DVD Pack that includes "The Squeak Along" Bonus Disc, with more music, mayhem and all-new singalongs! You'll get all these when you purchase Double DVD Pack. Summer is not boring for us when we have DVDs at home. And with this collection, my children would definitely enjoy the summer.

All of us in the family are big fan of chipmunks especially my little girl. They even play like a munks sometimes. We'll grab a copy now to enjoy DVD at home. I so love Alvin and the Chipmunks. I still remember the fun it brought me in my younger years and now my kids are enjoying it too. My girls can't wait to have a copy and I promised to buy it now for them now.
Hey moms, check it out now and don't forget to add this to your DVD home collection. It sure is great for the whole family. Please visit this site for More Munk Mayhem and experience what we experienced with the movie. It's fun and it's for the whole family.

Visit my sponsor: Alvin and the Chipmunks:

I Want Seafood

I always crave for sea foods. I seldom cook this in the house
and that's why I choose this first on a buffet, all seafoods in general..
I miss eating spicy crab and I'm drooling over with my own post. I might as well cook seafood tomorrow.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tears For Fears Concert

I so love 80s and a fan of Tears For Fears. I grew up with their songs, Shout, Everybody Wants to Rule the World and Head Over Heels. Oh well, everybody knows the song, unless you are a primitive or an an alien to this world. Lol. I always listen to 80s every weekend that even my two kids know TFF songs too. Now, I don't know whom to tag along for May 2 concert since my concert buddy is not around.

I wanted to be with you alone
And talk about the weather.... Ah don't take my heart
Don't break my heart.. Don't throw it away..

I hope to hum this song with the crowd on the concert. Time is running out for me but I don't have ticket yet should I decide to watch the concert later... aaahhh so 80s!

Watery Wednesday

While waiting for husband to boarding last month, I took the chance to roam around and saw this watery view/fountain at Naia Centennial Terminal.

My entry for Watery Wednesday
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Cacai M. – a Stay-At-Home-Wife and blogging is my passion. I am happy when people are happy. I view blogging as my open or public diary of random thoughts wherein I can express and share my views, reviews, thoughts, happiness, adventures, and experiences.” ~hugs&kisses~

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

summer heat at its peak

so temperature today hits to 36.8 degrees! the hottest ever recorded and expect 40plus this month... whew. I am not surprised why I almost collapse yesterday, it was really hot!

cousins, fixing error, weekend and more..

I'm back! Bonding moments with my daughter and her cousins. Posting photo in my blog update for now as I'm still struggling with this hang-over and fixing rank error with my IPL account.

I hope you all had a great weekend! What drained me out was our yesterday's enrolment at school straight from our mini vacation. Hot weather welcomed us that I could feel the rays of the sun kissing directly to our already tanned skin. I think I'm sick now, lazy and not feeling well or I need a more relaxing and lengthy vacation, five days will do. :) Have a happy weekdays/weekends ahead!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

blogging on vacation

still on vacation right now but will be back tomorrow night.. thanks so much for the visit. will bloghop as soon as i can.

Yummy Sunday: ahhhmm..

Finally, my leche flan that I have been experimenting lately is now perfect. (that's what I think.:)) I won't brag anymore how it tastes, it's just near to smoothest state. lol
Don't worry, this will be my last post about leche flan, haha. I promise.
For those who are not following my leche flan post, well this is my nth time. The sad thing here is that husband is not around. I am 101% sure, he would call me and congratulate me when he sees this post.. he must be very proud of me now.. lol!

So I all thought I made it perfect, I was about to publish when I heard my little one in the kitchen said.. "mmm, it is smoother now and tastes really good.. but it looks like atsara.." (doh)

P.S. Believe me, this is so yummy.
I hope this fits for my Yummy Entry

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Summer Reading List

My daughter is a bookworm. She asked me to visit bookstore this afternoon to check for some novels on sale today. Books included in her summer reading lists are science fiction and fantasy. I love that my daughter reads a lot and still finds time for reading despite the power of technology today. She still surfs the internet occasionally but she knows when to stop on using internet and rather read informative books or novels of her favorite. One of her favorite author is Stephenie Meyer. She's a fan and would rather spend the whole day reading her novel.

I searched for some books online for her and thought of it as a gift on her birthday. There's also available textbooks with over 200 bookstore online. This makes easier for me to search for some of her textbooks needed for the next school year. I've asked some of my friends about the cheaper textbook so I can save a little money where I can spend for other school supplies. My daughter's enrolment schedule will on Monday. I already prepared the budget for the possible increase on tuition fee. I hope that some books would stay the same price as last year.

MOmmy Moments : Yellow

mommy moments

Yellow means summer things for me. It means summertime and so for this week theme, I'll be posting significance of yellow in our summer this year.

Summer's favoritest, it keeps us cool..

Summer means new and colorful flip flops..

My entry for
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

weekend worries

One reason why we can't go out for a long vacation is because of Magic. We worry too much about leaving him alone in the house. Whenever we go out of town or somewhere else, we leave our pet to our neighbor or sometimes we tag him along with us. A friend, whom we oftentimes leave Magic, have baby in the house and I thought that Magic might become stressful and makes noise in the middle of the night. I asked the veterinary clinic about boarding for Magic and said it will cost about P250 or $6/day. My little daughter said she can't leave the house worrying about her pet and she would only be at ease if we let Magic boarding in the vet. There he will be given extra care, good bath and attention. I thought about asking for a friend to stop by in our house and look after Magic to feed two times a day, but what about when he's alone or at night? I can't bear to think to see my pet sad the whole day with nobody to play around.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Couch Potatoes

The movie that I will feature for TCP will be 1991 Robert's movie. I was like 19 or 20 when I watched this in HPlaza and I still remember it clearly to date. I was with my cousin and we got lost on our way home. We stopped by at Snap Shot and had a blast at the studio. Funny! Oh, I need to stop right here for I might blog more about what we have had that day. So much for this. lol.

Well, my entry for this week is "Sleeping with the Enemy."
And here's the plot.

Julia Roberts starred in this thriller movie about a battered wife stalked by her abusive husband. Roberts plays Laura Burney, the wife of rich investment counselor, martin (Patrick Bergin). Martin appreciates appreciates his wife as a trophy, but at home he abuses her for not keeping the house as clean as he would like it. The verbal abuse descends into physical violence --so much so that Laura decides to disappear rather than live a life under Martin as a brutalized slave. Laura fakes her own death by drowning, and relocates to Cedar Falls, Iowa, where she changes her name to Sara Waters. She starts a relationship with her friendly Iowa neighbor Ben Woodward (Kevin Anderson) but her happiness is short-lived. Martin has discovered that Laura has staged her drowning and is coming to Iowa to reclaim his possession. ~ Paul Brenner, All Movie Guide. source

Please visit Kikamz of Just About Anything for more movies with the same theme.

Monday, April 12, 2010

MYM: More of MOA

When we went to MOA last month, we stopped by at Music Hall and saw group of cultural dancers performing Cultural Exchange with Korean and Chinese GNC. We saw only few people who stopped by and watched the show.

MOA has so much more to offer. Aside from shopping, fun and entertainment awaits for the whole family. My kids wanted to watch a movie but my tired feet already complained and wanted to just sit around or go home.

**We dined at ... We were actually looking for a restaurant that serves grilled food but we were so tired and energy seems to give up that time. Everbody's not satisfied with the meal since we've been on pizza galore for the week and pizza's already a pain to our tummy. (we're pizza lovers but not at that moment) After our meal, we saw Gerry's Grill few meters away. (doh)

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

my kind of business

I have seen many companies who made it successful using concession trailer in the business. Every time I see a trailer, it gives me an impression like a walking billboard that consumer will surely remember and will leave a mark especially those trailers with colorful design. I remember last year during my little girl's outdoor activity, there was a trailer provided for students who attended the camp. It was children's library trailer that kids enjoyed the books and arts. It has a colorful layout and kids were attracted with the design. Too bad I have no camera that time, I could have posted it here. That gave me an idea and inquired about concession trailer. Having a business like this one is still a dream for me. Maybe I can have sooner if given it on installment basis. There are trailers too that I've noticed like in my favorite morning show that demonstrates cooking skills. I thought about having this kind of business since I also love cooking and so putting up restaurant just crossed my mind.

I frequently watch this show on mobile kitchen. This trailer is driving me crazy and is now becoming popular. The mobile kitchen seems to be very detailed. I have no idea about this customized concession trailer until my friend inquired about it and I rely on the net and a word from her. She was happy that her dream to have a customized trailer will soon become a reality. I just hope that someday I will have one too.

Sunday Citar

Welcome to Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by Tabitha @ FreshMommy. You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.

Hair brings one's self-image into focus; it is vanity's proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices. ~Shana Alexander

Having Trouble with your Carpet?

I was on the net the whole day when a troubled friend buzzed me and told me about what's happening around their house. I asked her that if it's only the flooring, then she can do it herself or ask help from husband. I thought it was an easy job that needs no service professionals to clean it up. Well, it wasn't. She had to call the service for it. She said, there's carpet cleaning Portland OR that provides all their cleaning needs and leaves their carpet bubbly clean. I heard that she got the complete package for the service. My friend is so sensitive that her eyes can see even microscopic stuff.

She was satisfied about the result that she had to call me again and bragged about how the service was done. I told her that the hotel we stayed-in during our summer break need to be serviced by them too. Some hotels don't pay attention to carpet details especially during rainy season when the carpet seems to be stinky. I want to talk with the management that they need some carpet stretching and cleaning, because no matter how many times they shampooed the carpet, still it has stinky smell. I wish to go back for next vacation with hopes that the carpet is done with the cleaning that time.

Yummy Sunday: Melon

I shared my mango for my summer refreshment few weeks ago. Now, here is my thirst quenching melon to to beat the heat. I love my melons however way to eat it, slice, blended or even as ingredients in cooking recipe.

Melon fruits are probably the best fruit for summer. There are many other benefits other than its thirst quenching juice. Melons are great source of much needed water and electrolytes to beat the summer heat. They are packed with nutrients that your body needs.

Stop right there. Your melon juice is waiting for you! Let's beat the scorching summer heat!

My entry for

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Air Purifier at Home

It is really important to have an air purifier in the house. I've been wanting to purchase one since my older daughter had an attack when she was a toddler. She suffered from severe asthma attack before and that just made me realize how important is it to have an air purifiers at home. She maintained an anti allergy medicine for many years but I think having a home air purifier is first and basic step for healthy living.

She's not sensitive anymore with dust or any perfume or colognes now but I'm taking extra care for her and for the whole family as well. She has an allergy to pets and sometimes we can't prevent inhaling second smoke. This cannot be avoided and already a major urban pollution problem. I've been very careful when performing general cleaning at house to protect her from any dust too. Air purifier is the basic and first step for healthy living. We all deserve a clean air and breathe like in an open fresh field right inside the house.

having a good time?

It's summer vacation so i just let them take their time while on vacation. And yes! She's having a good time so I thought of sharing this here. She loves the music of Paramore, Glee, Super Junior, SNSD, Four Minute and Muse too.

this is not a snap shot but a real acting. she knows i'm going to take a pic of her.

The Glamour Test

I picked this topic for my quiz today. And now sharing you the result.

You Think That Confidence is Glamourous

You admire someone who can walk in to a room completely underprepared and wrongly dressed yet still own it.
Glamour doesn't have anything to do with how much money you have or how fancy you look. It's all about what you've got going on with your attitude.

The most enchanting people have taken a good look at themselves and accepted who they are. True confidence comes from high self esteem.
You believe that you can't be truly loved and respected until you love and respect yourself.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Invest in Gold

Now that the economy slows down and and rapid fluctuation of peso-dollar has been recorded for the last few moths, there seems to be no better investment other than gold. When you read news everyday or when you check the stock market, you would not hesitate to put your money for a strong investment where you think you would lose nothing but gain even more. The answer would be no other than to buy gold bullion, the oldest and purest form of money for ages already.

Gold can be bought in different forms, bullion, coins, jewelries or even a small token or gift made of gold. It is undeniably the most treasured item in the world that everyone of us would like to have as an investment. So as inflation rates are falling, price of gold even becomes higher. If you plan to buy bullion, you must understand the right way to purchase gold. Investors should also be careful and perform background in all aspects before investing to gold bullion. Since gold is the best asset one could ever had, one must seek an advise from an expert or trusted site before finally investing in gold.

Gold has survived in every economy situation because it never devalues. As for me, a simple gold jewelry I own is a precious investment for me that I say for over years that passed, the value of my gold even doubled the price now.

Mommy Moments: my little girl's shoes

Since my older daughter already has bigger size than me and not suited for kids shoes anymore, then I will just feature shoes of my little girl. Some of my lil daughter's shoes were already handed down to her cousin. Her feet grows so quickly. And her shoe size seems to change every year.

These are some of her shoes. She isn't really a fan of girly shoes and prefers to wear her Converse. Obviously these two Converse where already worn out but whenever we go out malling or anywhere else, she would use no other than these.

She prefers to wear high healed shoes before but changed her preference for the comfortable ones, her running shoes!

mommy moments

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Charter Digital

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.


If you have Charter digital, then you have On Demand, and I'm just thinking if you're aware about this and this is free to access.

Over 6,000 movies and shows are available for you to watch anytime of the day. Wait no more for there's no schedules for the show. So if you missed shows like Heroes, 30 Rock and The Office and other shows of your favorites, then be sad no more, there are still many of shows to watch after they air on TV and its free! You can catch all the shows that you've missed. Please visit the website and learn more at to get to know more about the shows.

If you're already tired to go out and and too busy to watch movie or even tired of waiting for that DVD you've ordered in the mail, then here is the answer where the service is easier right in your fingertips. You may check and get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.

This is the answer for kids probably who don't understand and are impatient waiting for TV schedules. When they want to watch Dora or Spongebob, they would like to watch it right away. With such demanding kids, this On Demand helps me and argue no more or reason for kids.

Because of HD, I can see that we do the HD shows now more often. Hundreds of them are now waiting to be watched.

Visit my sponsor: Often Overlooked Gem