Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TCP: Disapppointed

First off, I missed TCP entry last week. High School Musical could have been my entry for the theme. That movie is my children's favorite.

Our theme for this week is a movie that disappointed me and my entry is Speed 2. Well, I think I have lots of movies in the list with this theme. Maybe because I criticized to bits every movie that I watched. I also knew the script as to what will happen next in the scene. I always love movie that has mystery to end.
For the movie Speed 2, I became curious to watch because I love Speed where Keanu Reeves was the leading actor and it was absolutely great. In Speed 2, the stars are extremely ridiculous. Or maybe, I expected too much based on the first movie Speed. I won't elaborate anymore about the sequel of the film, Speed 2. Just go and watch if you want and come back to me and tell me how you rate this film too. For me, it's a waste of time, a big disappointment. (BTW, I forgot if there's a certain year for the theme. My entry is a 1997 film.)

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Rossel said...

I've seen this movie and I agree with you, Speed is good and more breath taking than Speed 2.

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kikamz said...

sinabi mo pa dear. i didn't like speed 2 as much as i loved speed. disappointing talaga. eto ba yung sa bus sila?

thanks for joining us this year and for suggesting a TCP theme. will be sure to include that for next month's theme. if you have other suggestions, i will definitely welcome them. btw, our theme for next week is Wedding Movies. till then, take care and happy tcp!

Chris said...

yeah i agree with you... i didnt like this one too..

Mommy Liz said...

I couldn't agree more, ay sus..di ko alam kung ano ang naisip nila at ginawa tong movie na to, but iniba naman nila ang Venue, ginawang cruise ship, tapos may mga lintang ewan, ahahaha. Kala siguro eh tatabo din sa takilya gaya ng Speed. Keanu Reeves kaya ang Speed, well, at least they kept Sandra Bullock, but hindi na katulong, nag flop tuloy..weeeee.

jo.frougal said...

LOL, they thought they'd capitalize on the success of the first. A speeding bus... no brainer. But a cruise ship? Speeding? Uhm. That's REALLY quite a stretch. I agree with you on this.
This week, my entry is here.