Monday, March 29, 2010

Summer Workout

So it is officially summer and some were already on their vacation mode. Some work out for the summer to have sexier look with their skimpy bikini or fab summer dress. I had been on a month diet, I worked out but I gained weight even more. I had my slimming tea after every meal but I've noticed that nothing seems to work with it. Still, this flabby tummy is a pain to me. Going to cosmetic surgeon for tummy tuck to get rid of this unwanted fat is one option but I'm still undecided right now.

I envy those people whom after a rigid diet were able to have a slim look. After giving birth to my two kids, the fats remained in my body and I have a hard time to reduce. I'm not in my extra large size but I 'm working very hard to keep myself slimmer. I hate seeing myself in the mirror with those flabby tummy as I love to wear my sexy jeans and shirt. Everyday workout is one option that I look forward this month. I know that more women out there share the same sentiments with me. I still have few more days till I finally post how my diet went out. A firmer body is easily obtained with cosmetic surgeon but I will stick to my everyday workout first right now.

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