Monday, March 22, 2010

Safety Girl

As a mother, safety of my children has always been my concern. I am a hands on mom and it is my job to keep my children safe at all times. I always make sure they arrive at school safe and come home safe too. But the reality is that, we can't be with our children 24/7 so it is really important to provide them necessary equipment to make them safe while doing their outside activities.

Being overly protective with my children's safety, I looked for the website that offers pepper spray and I was not disappointed when I discovered the product that gives me the feeling of security. I couldn't think any other safety girl equipment other than this and I was lucky that even mace is available in the website.

While reading newspaper and online news, I can't help but be frightened for crime rate rising everyday. Attacking girls and taking cellphones by force and other valuables are common incidents and I couldn't imagine this to happen to any of my family member. We all need to be alert and be safe from any harm roaming around the city. I'd say bear spray is a big help too for all girls or women to keep them secured and safe at all times. If you’re up to protection and safety, please check out the website now and see more of the varieties they offer.


the donG said...

it's really important to have that. specially around manila. just avoid dark areas as well.

wenn said...

ya, better be safe than regretting later.

simply kim said...

that's real good, especially for moms with teenage girls..

simply kim said...

that's real good, especially for moms with teenage girls..

Dhemz said...

very informative post te....dpa ako nakabili ng mace or pepper spray...hubby would like to buy one for me....pero lagi nya!

salamat pala sa dalaw at add na kita sa FB...ehehehe! salamat!