Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Psychic Powers?

Do you believe in psychic powers? In today's modern technology, only few have faith in psychic reading. I know I may sound crazy but I must confessed, I'm one of those who have faith in psychic powers. During those times when my life seems so low, I only depend in psychic reading and it helps me a lot. I asked other people about their stand to this and common replies are, "yes, sometimes!"

I just received an email today from a friend. I called her and offered some help. She sounds awfully sad. She just ended a five year relationship and told me the decision was quite hard for her. She is still facing a very difficult time in her life and for her it will take years or even lifetime to finally move on. She is trying to start her life alone now. One thing that helped her to recover was help from PSYCHIC ANN and there she followed advises online. She is determined that everything will be alright for her and very hopeful to see sunshine very soon.

My younger sister once told me that she always dreamed about things that aren't happening yet and was surprised to see the next day what she had actually dreamed of. Not everyone has this power so I told her to enhance her psychic ability and develop it.


Rossel said...

my late grandmother is a psychic and she loved reading palms.

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the donG said...

im not gifted with psychic powers but im sure some are.

simply kim said...

when i was still a student, i came across with a book about the extra sensory perception, it seems that everybody has it, ONLY... other people have MORE DEVELOPED ESP's that's why they perceive events or entities which are beyond the ordinary. i don't have it, though, but i feel blessed just the same, hehehe... anyway, you may want to check out my newly created site,, please feel free to drop by. thanks!