Wednesday, March 3, 2010

online glasses for us

We went malling last weekend. Our first stop in the mall was optical shop. Husband and my two daughters wear eyeglasses. Both suffers poor vision. When we checked the price in the shop I was surprised because price of the glasses are much too high compared to the optical shop online. We visited more shops and looked for the best deals. I was disappointed, tired and went home frustrated.

It is not a surprise that my daughters have poor vision too. I believed it is genetic. Husband has 200/175 vision and he suffered that since grade school. He said he watched TV too close and he concludes that it was the reason why he suffered poor eyesight today. Eyeglasses definitely is included in our budget. Online glasses is a good option for us as they also offer the best deal. I can even place a bulk order, for my daughters and husband as well. I prefer the premium photochromic lenses and the cost is not a big deal for me.

I nourished my children with healthy food that will maintain their eyes healthy, like carrots and fruits with high levels of vitamin A. Our eyes need the best care and for me it is the most important part in human senses.

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