Wednesday, March 31, 2010

officially frustrated

It's a little bit funny that I have to post this. My first attempt to cook the smoothest leche flan by which I got the recipe from Dishes by Pehpot blogs was successful. It was my very first attempt and t'was yummy, only bits of sugar that I didn't caramelized.

And this is the first leche flan that I made. Almost Perfect, so yummy...

And then I tried about three to four times again to make it smoothest and caramelized the sugar, but the more I try, the more my leche flan become bitter to their tounge. Children reacted that it was like puto while husband said it was like a planet with many holes in it.. :( How frustrating. Even one blogger friend posted her new recipe for me using milkmaid. I tried it and look at the result, even drier than before. And I had to blame myself for this, it was my way of cooking..

You wouldn't want to taste a bit of this, would you? I know syrup is missing here but I can make it sweeter next time. Sister told me to keep the fire low as soon as the water at the steamer starts to boil. Darn! I'm frustrated! whats wrong with my cooking method, helpppppp!!!. :(


chubskulit said...

Hahahaha natatawa naman ako dito sis, paturo ka kaya kay hubby lol..

Dhemz said...

lol....kakaloka! para daw!

never pa akong gumawa ng leche plan te.....:)