Saturday, March 6, 2010

my little big young old daughter

My title is confusing right? As I don't even know how to address her. Little, because she's not a lady yet, not a woman, not a kid. Young, because she's only eleven and bigger for her age and act like a lady already. She's off now to school for groupings or practice for play. After the play, a movie Alice In Wonderland and she begged that from her dad last week to please let her watch with classmates. It was supposed to be last night with her cousin but it did not push through because of sudden change of Saturday class schedule.

We're going to fetch her in a few while after the movie. We have an appointment at the mall with her optometrist for her eyeglasses.

Have a Happy Saturday.


Reena said...

hala. dalagang-dalaga na si Ate. hehe. ano pala school nila?

Carmen Araneta said...

My daughter is big too, but she's already 22 now. Good for your daughter to be tall.