Friday, March 26, 2010

My Girl and Celebrity Jeans

Girls love shopping. My teenage girl ( not officially teenager since she is only eleven and acts like one) loves browsing page of Miley Cyrus and idolizes her very much. Not only her voice that she loves but the way Miley carries herself. At her age, I am not really surprise how her body changed since she stands one and few inches taller than me. She actually looks older than her age.

When we went malling last week, her eyes popped-out to celebrity fashion and wanted to buy everything, summer glasses, capri pants and sexy dresses. She asked her dad to buy her summer outfit but nothing seems to fit her. We were like walking few hours already and was tired for the perfect outfit but came home empty handed.

She isn't really satisfied with what she wears that every time there is new fashion, she would always want to buy one for herself. And now she is looking for celebrity jeans and begging her dad to purchase one online. My girl is just so smart that she said, she deserves it since she got a higher grades this semester. And how could we say no to this girl? She's not really trendy but that's teenager's life I guess. For as long as she is not wearing body revealing attire would be fine for me.


nice A said...

Strict pala si mommy nuts, LOL. No body-revealing clothes! I like that policy.
Kids really grow so fast and it's good you're doing well in guiding them even in the way they must appear to people.

wenn said...

i don't mind buying such jeans for my girls.