Friday, March 5, 2010

MP3 Search

It's Friday and my younger daughter is now relaxing in a couch with her MP3. My little daughter feels like weekend already. It's a long weekend for her since Thursday and Friday were declared as special holiday for them to give way for grade six pupils' final achievement test. She and her big sister together with my niece have plan to watch a movie tonight, a movie of Johnny Depp but I suggested to download it instead and watch it in DVD. She is big fan of David Archuleta and the two artists were already in her list. Her new MP3 was a gift from her daddy who just arrived a week ago. She is happy with her MP3 just like her big sister who already had her own gadgets too. Mp3 Hunting is easier for both and they can download everything with their own tools for free.

Just a while ago, I heard my daughter sang 25 for Haiti(We Are The World) from her MP3. She's a music lover and can sing different songs of different genre, from Katy Perry to ABBA, hiphop to classic song. She only requests for a new headset comfortable enough for her while lying in a couch. My children were lucky enough that downloads are easy these days, from movie, music and other stuffs they want. I only wished I had MP3 I can download during my younger age and not disk limited to five songs.


Sherry said...

I use to play with mp3 but I am lazy now :(

maritz said...

hi nuts.. you made it to my top EC dropper.

simply kim said...

during my time, it was cassette tape, hehehe..